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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss *~Fireworks Tips~* in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; Hi there, my in-game name is Fiyero. Now, I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I have been on the high score boards for fireworks a couple times. I ...
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    *~Fireworks Tips~*

    Hi there, my in-game name is Fiyero. Now, I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I have been on the high score boards for fireworks a couple times.

    I felt like sharing some tips with you all on that game.

    Just a quick background..Be greatful. The game used to be a LOT harder. They did not offer that little function where there was a star at the end of the firework shell. You just had to get it at the right time lol.


    - Play it with the music on! Trust me, it really helps with your timing. A lot, if not all, of the shells are timed with the music and can help you if you're coordinated.

    - Wait until the star starts to rotate. It's a HUGE risky move but if you get it right, you can perfect it. When the star first appears, don't click it just yet. Wait until it starts to rotate to the right. That way you can earn maximum points. But beware you don't have a big time window

    - To get on the high score board, play early in the day when most high scores haven't been achieved yet.

    - If you want to earn the maximum amount of credits, do this! You can NOT get in first place. You must get a point score of 240,000 or more and get in 2nd or worse place. Here's how to do this. When you are about to reach 240,000 (I'd say around 238,000) begin to use the wrong shell and get nothing but "oops." Even though it is wrong, it will give you a minute amount of points. With this tactic, you can get as close to 240,000 without going too high and greater your odds of getting 2nd or worse place with the perfect score. Also, every couple of times, you will earn Fireworks magic.

    - The more you play, the better you will do. The fireworks launch the same exact ways as they do for every time you play. So, be prepared to switch as fast as you can!

    - In the case that there are two shells launched at the same time, there are many strategies that can be employed. If they are launched very far away, don't try to get an Awesome and a Flawless, that will end up with you getting only an Awesome and missing the other. Instead, just try to get a good on the first one and immediately move over to the other shell. Trust me, a Good and a Flawless is better than an Awesome alone. If the shells are generally close, use one click for both of them. The shells don't require dead on clicking. You can be a centimeter or two off and it will still explode with a score count.

    - Just to check yourself, you should be raising your score by 20,000 per round. There will, however, be those rounds where you can only raise 10,000 due to shell limits. Adventureland Level 2 is one of them.

    Ok, I hope those helped. Good luck!
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    I really like this thread because I know that there are a lot of people out there that have trouble with fireworks so thank you for posting this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFREAK91
    - The more you play, the better you will do. The fireworks launch the same exact ways as they do for every time you play. So, be prepared to switch as fast as you can!
    The fireworks do not remain the same every game. At the final stage, for example, you may be bombarded with yellows followed by dark blues, or you may be bombarded with blues followed by teals. A change also occurs in the fourth level at the end of stage 3 quite often. Most of the game will remain the same each time, but the fourth level stage 3 and the final stage in the fifth level change up constantly. The changes aren't completely random though. There are about two to three "sets" of colors that will come up in a particular game.

    The rest are good tips!

    If you want to score 270,000+, here are some general guidelines on the minimum scores you need to obtain at the end of each stage (these are just my estimates):

    Level 1, Stage 1: 11,500+
    Level 1, Stage 2: 26,000+
    Level 1, Stage 3: 44,000+

    Level 2, Stage 1: 60,000+
    Level 2, Stage 2: 74,000+
    Level 2, Stage 3: 92,000+

    Level 3, Stage 1: 104,000+
    Level 3, Stage 2: 124,000+
    Level 3, Stage 3: 143,000+

    Level 4, Stage 1: 165,000+
    Level 4, Stage 2: 185,000+
    Level 4, Stage 3: 203,000+

    Level 5, Stage 1: 228,000+
    Level 5, Stage 2: 245,000+
    Level 5, Stage 3: 270,000+

    For 280,000+ (again, just personal estimates):
    Level 1, Stage 1: 12,400+
    Level 1, Stage 2: 27,500+
    Level 1, Stage 3: 45,500+

    Level 2, Stage 1: 62,000+
    Level 2, Stage 2: 76,000+
    Level 2, Stage 3: 96,000+

    Level 3, Stage 1: 108,000+
    Level 3, Stage 2: 127,000+
    Level 3, Stage 3: 147,000+

    Level 4, Stage 1: 169,000+
    Level 4, Stage 2: 189,000+
    Level 4, Stage 3: 210,000+

    Level 5, Stage 1: 236,000+
    Level 5, Stage 2: 250,000+
    Level 5, Stage 3: 280,000+

    The biggest jump in score always comes from the end of the last round, so even if you matched the previous round minimum, you will need to be able to hit most of the ones at the very end to succeed. Certain color combinations at the end of the game are easier than others. The set that starts with a bunch of yellow is the hardest one, and you will tend to score lowest on it. The reason for this is because the yellow ones pop the slowest, and in order to hit them all at this point, you need to hit them when they're still in the "good" score range. The highest scoring set is generally the teal followed by dark blue, as you can almost hit them all with "awesome" or better scoring.

    Hope that helps!
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    All this info has given me renewed enthusiasim to keep working to improve my game. Thanks to everyone who's posted here. It was very frustrating to play during the room quest because I just couldn't keep up with the "big dogs" to get to the last rounds to make the cut and move to the next quest question. I was just wondering what the ranges were for each round. I appreciate your personal guidelines. Now if I could just get my computer to stop stalling in the middle of a game.
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    Thanks for the tips, Greatly appreciated. Most of my frustration with the game lies within myself. I feel that I am a very coodinated individual, and yet I cannot succeed in this game. I will employ all of this awesome knowlege though.
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