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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss I'm on my way!!! WOOT!! in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; Originally Posted by DisneyFREAK91 I want to see if I run into you! Lol what do you look like She Looks like this: Originally Posted by DumboGal on Pics of ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFREAK91
    I want to see if I run into you!

    Lol what do you look like
    She Looks like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by DumboGal on Pics of You thread
    I'm the one with the feather!!!! LOL!!!!

    But seriously, Anyone who would like to see pictures of other members should look on this thread.

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    I miss you already!

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    Woot Woot I will trade your week for mine lol. You can go to the hospital and have the baby while I go to WDW Yup sounds good to me lol. Seriously have a great time and I can't wait to hear about your trip & all that you have collected when you get back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyDznyCamper
    I guess this means the RACE is on! I think Joey is going to meet us at opening Friday at MK near pirates. Hope to see you in the parks!

    King & Family
    If that is the plan - then I shall be there!!! Looking forward to meeting the Tryton family - LOL!!!

    First day at the parks was great - HOT - but great!! Rode Pirates (CapnJack looks amazing!!) And also got to see the Pirate Training with Captain Jack as well - that dude does an amazing job as Jack - OMG - I can see him having his own bunch of stalkers...

    VMK Central was not that crowded at the time I was in, and as of yesterday - no Pirates quest -

    Adventureland quest folders are back in - and they are now giving the Fantasyland and Frontierland Quest Pin prizes from series two!! (not sure what happened to the Adventureland)

    Oh, and I am working on a fun photo project - anyone who saw the last little picture I took on my vacation will be prepared for the silliness I have in store...

    OK - Animal Kingdom for me today - Catch you all later
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    I think Napolean Dynamite said it best= Lucky.....
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    In WDW! duh!
    i hope you have a nice safe trip! Have fun doing all the vmk quests! Tell the big Mouse i said hi, thanks.
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    Have fun!

    Get us a pic of all the stuff you get!

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