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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss Tryton Family back from the World! in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; I am sad to report that we have arrived back home. We had a great time at WDW and camping at the Fort. Maggie got her birthday wish for an ...
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    Tryton Family back from the World!

    I am sad to report that we have arrived back home. We had a great time at WDW and camping at the Fort. Maggie got her birthday wish for an awesome meal at Cape May! I can't remember having a better meal. We passed on MGM this trip, but spent several days wandering the other parks and rides. Brian DS 10, rode Space for the first time with Tampa and Dizpinfriend. A special thanks to fellow DWT'ers to meet up with us! We really enjoyed meeting you Jo! And Joey it was great seeing you again! Maggie said she could have spent all day hanging out with Jo in the parks or shopping. Just really nice people! I managed a pic of all of us (my oldest Joseph) was not in the pic as he was snapping them at the spot.

    Just have to say thanks again! You guys are awesome! Joey you carry the magic where ever you go and make the park fun like when I was a kid. Keep slapping that possum dude!

    Rides with buddy's:
    Big Thunder
    Haunted Mansion
    Space Mountain
    Space Mountain
    VMK Central (yes took the whole counter) thx Marrisa
    WED Way
    Buzz Light Year
    Then a group hug! Jo and Joey were off to EPCOT for a walk around the world. And some cervesa. We went back to FW to cool off and get ready for extra magic hours at the MK.

    EM hours were not that magic, as we arrived back around 9pm. My oldest DS and I stopped by the Poly for a round of 7 Sea's libations and met the rest at MK. The park was packed and wait times were terrible.
    We did manage to ride Jungle Cruise and watch Wishes and both the 9pm & 11pm parades. Finished off the day with a huge cinnamon bun from the bakery! What a way to end the day! Yum!

    I'm sure I'm forgeting alot but we really did have a great time!

    See you all soon!

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    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself
    I really am a Princess, hiding out in a not so fairy tale Life

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    Glad you all had a great time

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    Glad you had a good time, and it's great to see you back safe and sound
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    This was an honorable meet to tend to, mainly because it was Sly's first trip through Space Mountain.. though.. sadly.. I got a pic of the second go around:

    "Dude, you're gonna lose that!"

    After searching though.. we found something more of the King's speed:

    It was an awesome day, ending in an awesome spot:

    After parting ways with the Trytons, Friend and I went to the temple for some grub and cerveza for Jose, to where I ended up being a moron with our waitress, so we'll just show the building:

    I think Friend and I owned Everest afterwards, and attempted to hit up Magic Kingdom some more, but I passed out on the bus and that did me in. My bad to friend for falling out early!

    Thanks to all for the awesome time!

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    hope you had a great time! It's nice meeting up with Jo and Joey I think I've seen them hanging around at- LYKE OMGZ I saw Jo and Joey in line for Space Mountain! That was before I joined here though. - thumbs up -

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    awesome trip report guys! good to see you had a great time.

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    Ok - so it took me a while to find this thread!!! LOL

    I had a blast!! It was great meeting the Tryton family and hanging out with my BFF once again!!!

    Lines were long, and it was hotter than well, you can guess!!!

    King wasn't joking when he said he took up the entire counter at VMK central - I tried to tackle him, but he was just too tall!!! Had a picture of that, but somehow lost it (It was quite amuzing actually)

    To quote Nickleback:

    "Look at this photograph, everytime I do it makes me laugh
    How did our eyes get so red, and what the **** is on Joey's head?"


    BTW - he willingly put that on his own head!!!

    And here is just a small taste of my VMK Grab from this trip - I still need to spread all the cards out to give an idea of the insane amount of cards I got... (oh, that stack of cards I am holding are pirate's quest wells )

    Bucknear (aka Harrison) had a great trip as well - he found a paintbrush on Tom Sawyer's Island and then he met up with Push's cousin Pipa (sp?) (means trash in Swahili I am told) He is a recycle bin - he borrowed Harrison's Jack Sparrow hat and posed for a picture..

    Overall - had a great trip - but I am glad to be home...

    Many thanks to the Tryton family and Joey for hanging with me and making some magical memories!!! You all rock!!!
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    Sounds like you all had a lot of fun at WDW... thanks for all the great pictures!!

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    Wow that sounds like a really fun trip! I'm glad you had fun!
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    Totally Fun Pictures!!!

    I sooooo wish I could have been there for the fun of it all!!!

    Woo WOo...

    Next time, I guess it will have to be next time!!!

    Loves First Kiss!

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