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Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Discuss The Trivia Team II in the Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Forum forums; Originally Posted by Princesscat You have to trade for them now, but they were selling them almost when vmk opened - i would of gotten it but i was a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Princesscat View Post
    You have to trade for them now, but they were selling them almost when vmk opened - i would of gotten it but i was a guest and didnt know anything! LOL
    They never sold the Herbie costume within VMK - it was exclusively available when you purchased the Herbie Fully Loaded DVD. The code gave you the complete costume, Herbie Couch, and Herbie poster... You may still be lucky enough to find a DVD in the stores with the code in it. Look for a round sticker on the front with information about VMK...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadesofgreen96 View Post
    ^ You do not need the uniform to join . It is just for showing -TT- spirit.
    Like they said , the uniform doesn't change. We may have different people in the team now , but were still the - TT - . The only way it's going to change is if we move on to a whole different team and site. And apparently that's not going to happen , so , the uniform stays the same.

    If you cannot find the herbbie jacket , try a white shirt , or something close to it .
    hmm... how boutthe boys can wear a wildcat jacket insted of a herbie jacket if they cant find one... but i dont know what the girls would wear.......

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    ^ Whatever is close. But , the uniform will not change

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