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The Walt Disney Company Discuss D23 Survey in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; I got an email from D23 with a Welcome Survey in it. It was a fun little survey, some of the Qs & As had me rolling. The last question ...
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    D23 Survey

    I got an email from D23 with a Welcome Survey in it. It was a fun little survey, some of the Qs & As had me rolling. The last question is a good one that I really hope people will answer.

    "What does Disney need to know about its fans?" I put that they need to know that we all don't live in CA or FL! Not everyone can fly to the parks when they want! I'm so annoyed that all the good D23 stuff seems to planned for CA and maybe this survey will show them they need to think outside of the West Coast and even outside of the Parks!

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    Re: D23 Survey

    I just finished the survey as well and responded with a very similar answer on the final question. Some of the questions were great though. I'd like to see some results of what all of the members responded with questions.
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    Re: D23 Survey

    Great to see them asking fans opinions and hope they are gathering the data to keep improving and already great program.

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    Re: D23 Survey

    I've done the survey as well... lots of fun!! For the last question I put listen to what the fans want... and change the disney stores back to the way they used to be, unique, carrying stuff for everyone, not just High School Musical and Hannah montanna fans.
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