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The Walt Disney Company Discuss Virginia Davis in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Did anyone else hear the news that Virginia Davis died today? I don't know if this is the place to put this thread, but I felt like making it and ...
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    Unhappy Virginia Davis

    Did anyone else hear the news that Virginia Davis died today? I don't know if this is the place to put this thread, but I felt like making it and putting it somewhere...
    She was Walt's original Alice from the "Alice Comedies" series beginning in 1923, so her passing is more or less the end of an era, since she was probably the only recently living person to remember the dawn of the company.
    I was very upset by the news, so I just thought I'd share in case anyone else hadn't heard, and sort of as a memorial.
    So, in memoriam, here is the "Alice Comedy" in which Alice (Virginia Davis) first meets Julius the cat: her best friend, sidekick, and protector.
    I apologize for the soundtrack (it's a silent film, so you can mute it if you like anyway), it's the only version of this available on YouTube. I also tried to embed it, but it didn't work... so here's a link.
    Rest in Peace, Virginia. (1919 - 2009)

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    Re: Virginia Davis

    What sad news to hear. She will always be remembered.

    And thanks for the link, it was so fun to watch again (even with the funky techno beat!).
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    Re: Virginia Davis

    Very sad news, made worse by the fact that Margaret Kerry announced yesterday at the PNW Mouse Meet that they would both be appearing at the D23 Expo. Margaret will be very upset about this news. She sounded so excited when she was talking about taking her to the Expo.


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    Re: Virginia Davis

    That truly is sad. I've been reading the Walt Disney biography by Neal Gabbler and most of what I read about on this past Friday and Saturday concerned Virginia Davis and the Alice comedies. What a sad coincidence

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    Re: Virginia Davis

    Sad news, one of the last ties to the past. Thanks for the link, I enjoyed the short.

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    Re: Virginia Davis

    It IS sad news that another Disney legend has passed.

    You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.
    Walt Disney

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