Hey there D23 Charter Members!

In the past 2 or so weeks, Disney has released some new D23 member only pins and they didn't announce them on the D23 site. So I figured i'd list them and let you guys know (if you didn't already) so you can check them out if you'd like.

The pins are:
1. D23 Charter Year Certificate Pin
2. D23 Expo Figment Pin
3. D23 Expo Ariel Pin
4. D23 Expo Chip 'n' Dale Pin
5. D23 Expo Hitch Hiking Ghosts Pin
6. D23 Expo Sorcerer Mickey Pin
7. D23 Expo Mary Poppins Penguins Pin
8. D23 Expo Crush Pin

gahh I can feel my wallet getting smaller...if that's possible.

I really like the figment and the mickey ones...

And also for any Olszewski Pocket Pals collectors I hear there's going to be an exclusive one for the D23 expo!