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    Lightbulb Bringing down a fair!

    My friend and I just singlehandedly brought down the local fair.

    At the fair they had a cutout of Jack Sparrow without the ęDisney on it. He called me up knowing i was the resident Disney freak, and asked me for Disney's phone number.

    Disney starts their investigation tomorrow, and has his number on file as a confidential source.
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    Re: Bringing down a fair!

    Thats awesome.....
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    Re: Bringing down a fair!

    Let us know what happens if you find out.

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    Re: Bringing down a fair!

    That's good and bad. I'm sure Disney is happy that you protected their brand, but think of the potential jobs lost by this action. I would hate to think that someone might not have food on the table just because they had a standee of Capt Jack at their fair.
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    Re: Bringing down a fair!

    A little bit harsh in my opinion, you could have just had a quiet word with them first and told them what could happen if they kept making/displaying the said item.

    Like the poster above says it would be very sad to see people losing jobs over a silly cardboard cut out.


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