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The Walt Disney Company Discuss D23 - Wants to know more in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; So, I am NOT a member of D23. and am considering it (though it is a lot of money), and I am wondering what else can you get from D23? ...
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    D23 - Wants to know more

    So, I am NOT a member of D23. and am considering it (though it is a lot of money), and I am wondering what else can you get from D23? I have the impression all you get is a magazine and certificate. I wonder if any members may tell me anymore what you could get for something that is pretty expensive in my book. I am not downing it or anything, I just want to know what I would be investing me money in as it were. lol.

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    Re: D23 - Wants to know more

    You do get the opportunity to join in special members-only events at the parks. With each issue you also get a special freebie. The magazine is HUGE and good quality. It's a lot better than the old Disney Magazine.
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    Re: D23 - Wants to know more

    Go get yourself a copy of one of the D23 magazine issues (go to one of the larger bookstores, they should have the winter issue at least). If you really like the magazine, get D23. One year of the Magazine is almost the price of the membership. Plus, as stated, you can get into special events and I believe this is just the tip of what Disney is planning with D23.

    I have it and even if I wasn't getting to go to one of the events tomorrow, I would think it was worth it.

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    Re: D23 - Wants to know more

    i have a question to add to this also.
    i did join D23, but so far it seems like the perks are mostly for the upper financial class and nobody else...

    as someone who can't afford to travel for the special events that are only available to D23 members, are there any special perks for D23 members inside the parks when i do get to go on my disney vacation?
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    Re: D23 - Wants to know more

    I received a D23 membership for christmas. You get a card, a certificate, the magazines, so much off(%) in some places in DTD, and a freebie.

    My freebie is a large poster of Mickey painting a smile on a globe, entitled Mickey painting a smile on the world.
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