First, let me say that I am sorry that the Teacups weren't open. I hope that anyone that wanted to meet Lou got to do so. We walked around all night. Very very sorry about that. I am also SHOCKED that there wasn't a tie-in with Alice in Wonderland.

I agree that both presentations were not very "spectacular". I loved hearing about the Fantasyland expansion and it was nice getting verification on all the things I had already read online. HOWEVER, I guess I had been spoiled by the D23 Expo. I was expecting more of a Wow factor for this event. When I left, I didn't really feel like I knew anything more than when I walked into the park that day.

I was also a bit disappointed there weren't more Imagineers or Legends there. Let me be clear, there were NO Legends there and only one Imagineer. Now let me get this straight, we paid almost double what the Disneyland event participants paid, but we were treated again like second rate citizens. Very sorry, guys, I was a bit disappointed.

On the other side, I was very fortunate to meet Jeremy (and friends) and Ashley (and hubbie). It was such a pleasure to meet so many great people from the Disney online community. I just laugh because I always say that when you finally get to meet people in person, it actually validates the friendship. I wasn't disappointed that night.

The desserts were fair. The Apple Funnel Cake Bread Pudding sounds tempting, but honestly they should have left the left-over funnel cakes in the garbage at Sleepy Hollow, lol. The Whisky chocolate cake in the little pots were so-so.
The best part of the desserts were the "free" Mickey bars, lol. You can't mess those up.

As far as dinner, it was good. My sister said it was the best sit down meal that she has ever had in the MK.

Characters: I can't say they were "rare". Maybe just Gaston is hard to meet personally in the parks. I would have liked to have seen some really old ones.

All in all, I would do it again, but only if it was a little cheaper and with some promised celebrity guests.