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The Walt Disney Company Discuss Glenn Beck has something to say about the current state of Disney (he's right) in the Miscellaneous Disney forums;
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    Exclamation Glenn Beck has something to say about the current state of Disney (he's right)

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    Re: Glenn Beck has something to say about the current state of Disney (he's right)

    Thank you for that! I'm going to be giggling all night long, hadn't seen this!

    Can't wait for all the Satire, Spoofs and Parodies to start to churn out, Dear 'ole Glenn sure gave them a lot of material to work with this time.

    Glenn Beck said the Walt Disney Company has not had a successful new idea in nearly 50 years and is “ripe for the picking” to be replaced by a competitor — and that competitor might be him.

    “It’s rotted fruit,” Beck said on his radio program Wednesday. “They’re rotting it from the inside … Disney hasn’t had an original idea since 1965 or ’66.”

    What a delusional cluck.
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