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Poll: Do you want the Disney Store to still be owned by the Walt Disney Company??

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The Walt Disney Company Discuss Who do you want to see own The Disney Store, Inc.?? in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Disney has sold the stores. They are now run by the Childrens Place...
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    Disney has sold the stores. They are now run by the Childrens Place
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Mickey
    I don't really care who owns them, as long as they put some better merchandise in there! Lately, there's a lot of "junk" in there. I remember when you could buy pins & watches, & nice ear rings & nice house- things (toasters, dishes). Now, you just have junky toys & some decent tee shrits & PJ's.
    I've been sorely disappointed with the quality of mechandise in the shop in London and the store my local mall in Baltimore closed right before I came here. I thought it was just ME that didn't find what I was looking for, but from the other comments being made here, I see I'm not alone. The magic is truely missing in the mechandise and the people behind the counters.
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    Here here Lou! I agree!
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    The magic is definetly gone from the employees. It's just sad. The whole merchandise portion of the company needs a major overhaul

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    I'm definitely in on the hostile takeover.
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    I think they should keep them , if there were no Disney stores ( out of the park ) I would be totally insane right now because I wouldn't be getting alot of magic

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    Can anyone tell me why they sold their merchandise stores to the "Children's Place" ? I was in the store not too long ago and you are correct,there is not much magic left. Not a lot of merchandise either. Does this mean that they also took over disney on the net ?


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    I don't know 2tinners, but the merchandise they are selling now is terrible. I have no idea why they sold it to Childrens Place, but i can definetly say that they are not getting as much profit as when Disney owned it! I just wish they never had made that descision! I used to love to go into the Disney store..and now i just walk right by! I am extremely dissapointed~ I would think that they would notice how poorly their sales have been going..then maybe Disney can get it back- don't ask me why- and then make The Disney Store exactly what it should be- a great store for ppl who love to visit the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! :mickey: omg they have figment!!Anybody remember that ride??
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    Disney should own it still
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    Ok this may be one of my biggest opinions on this board. I have worked for Disney and the Disney Stores for quite a while. I will say this, and leave it at this....

    Disney knows what it did wrong with the Disney Stores. It was once a destination, then they put one in every rinky dink mall and it became a neccessity for a mall to have. Then they put product in every other store at a cheaper price than there own stores, and lost any profit they were making. They outpriced themselves. It was a costly store to run. And it NEVER made a profit toward the end. So they say " We will just sell the Disney Store name to the Children's Place and supply them with whatever cheap stuff we can make a profit on." So that is what you see to this day..

    Now it used to be a very magical place to work, it really was. I remember kids calling in to see if there were shifts open to take. Can you believe that, kids calling in to work to see if there were more shifts to work!! The training was second to none. And don't get me started on the benefits! As a manager for the Disney Stores I would get a Silver Pass that would get me and 5 other people in the parks for FREE! Nothing beats turning around in line to a newllwed couple and saying this day at the Magic Kingdom is on me! We used to get excited about going above and beyond for guests and and getting letters written about us. Then the changes began, and the stores were never the same.

    When I transferred to the parks, it got better. But it was sad to watch what happened to the stores. I saw in my local mall the new version of the Disney Store is opening. I hope it has even 1/4 the magic of the original. I will never work for Disney again until I retire in many years ( Hope to drive the buses! ) I want the parks to be my door to that magic. It is truly an escape, the stores used to be. Now it is just another niche. Too bad there just is not enough magic to make it from the parks to your local mall. Or more like too many corporate hands weigh it down.

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