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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss PVH Callout- Pinnochio's Village Haus in the Cast Members forums; Well just a few moments ago I introduced myself as a new member of this forum. I am an alumnist of the WDWCP during the Fall of '04. In my ...
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    PVH Callout- Pinnochio's Village Haus

    Well just a few moments ago I introduced myself as a new member of this forum. I am an alumnist of the WDWCP during the Fall of '04. In my time with The Walt Disney Company I held a Quick-Service Food & Beverage position at Pinnochio's in the Magic Kingdom. There were days that weren't the best for me on a personal and professional level, but I can look back and say that even those were good days for me. During my time I also got a chance to work Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in several positions. My first evening I was a wandering candyman, my mind has totally slipped and I can't remember the actual title. I got to walk around the park in b&w checked pants, orange Not So Scary T-shirt and a large yellow over-coat with tails and bright trim and buttons. When I found out what I would be wearing I became the happiest cast member working the positions that night. My personality matched that costume so well that all I wanted was my green Mad Hatter hat from home to complete it. I got to carry a bag full of candy and just hand it out as I went along and enjoying the guests on a great level. At one point I was crouched down in Main Street in front of some kids before the parade handing out candy. As I was doing this another cast member working the parade informed me that the Headless Horseman was coming out and that I needed to move quickly. After stepping up on the curb I turned around and saw, maybe 10 seconds later, the Headless Horseman go racing by exactly where I had been. Instead of being scared I was actually thrilled by it and stood for a second as just a Disney fan to watch a character go by. I think at this point I have taken enough time, but I will return to tell you of more of my experiences.

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    Hey, a fellow PVH MKCP! I worked at PVH on the WDWCP back in 1990. I went back in 1991 too. Best time I had. What restaurants comprised Fantasyland foods when you were there? I know a lot has changed since I was there.

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    Wonderful memories, it must of been great to get up everyday and go to work.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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