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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss Mech-E's in WDWCP in the Cast Members forums; I'm currently a sophomore in High School right now, and I'm planning on doing the Spring Advantage program during sophomore year of College, and I was wondering what exactly a ...
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    Mech-E's in WDWCP

    I'm currently a sophomore in High School right now, and I'm planning on doing the Spring Advantage program during sophomore year of College, and I was wondering what exactly a person with a Mechanical Engineering major would do in the College Program. That's what I'm planning on majoring in, and I'm really excited to (hopefully!) do the CP.
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    You will be able to do anything that you want to do in the College Program. I'm not exactly sure what your major is all about, but you will be able to choose what roles that you want.
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    Hey, I consider MEs pretty close to EEs (electrical engineer), SEs (Software Engineers), and ITs (Information Technology, that's what I'm in). I have several ME friends, and it sounds like an awesome degree to get into.

    First note, I haven't been in the program yet, so I'm just providing you this info from what I've been told, heard, or seen in CMs while in the parks (over 10 trips to Disney parks ).

    The first role that seems to apply best is attractions. We're talking the epitamy of ME! How much stress? What load? Best balance? Best effeciancy? Circuits? Dynamics? On and on.
    But then, you could get stuck just pressing a button all day, which doesn't make for the most interesting time.

    There's other roles that might make as much sense, but really, I think it's pretty safe to say that none of the roles really apply to ME degrees unless you're creative in FINDING a way to make them apply (you're gonna be an engineer! Think outside the box! )... Food and Beverage could give you a chance to practice shape/manufacturing algorythms and such... But only if you think about applying it.

    Now, as Newdrama12 pointed out, you can do ANY of the roles. My only reason in mentioning the few roles above was to inspire you to be creative when thinking about each role. I hope it worked.


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    My son just finished the CP (January 2). He is a theatre arts major, and worked in entertainment. Mostly he was a character handler, which definitely helped his improv skills. I got to see him in action during the holidays, and he entertained the line waiting for Minnie pretty well, even using his Spanish! He enjoyed his experience, but I think the more in depth program would be the internships. He is now back at UNC-Wilmington, but misses his Disney friends. He had the opportunity to do extra auditions while there, and was offered an equity role..but you can't do that if you are under contract for the CP. So, he had to make the decision after finishing CP to return to college, extend the CP, apply for an internship, or move there permanently for the equity role. You'll have lots of networking ability and decisions to make! Good luck, and have fun!

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    It doesnt matter what your major is because all CPers do grunt work; QSR, Merchandise, or whatever. But when your in the role you have a chance to use your skills to move up. I have roommate who was a Buisness mojaor and who worked MK Stands West and during his first month he set up some new closing proceures and he was made GT of Stands West. So dont worry about your major when doing the program because it really doesnt mean anything
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