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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss Interview Tips in the Cast Members forums; What?...
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    Re: Interview Tips

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    Re: Interview Tips

    While the interview may seem to be the most daunting part of the CP application process... It's really not. A few helpful hints...

    Don't be intimidated by the person interviewing you... They're wonderful people... many of whom have gone through the College Program as well.

    1. SMILE (people can tell over the phone and the tone in your voice)
    2. BE EXCITED!!! (your applying to work at THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH)
    3. Briefly mention your history with Disney... Past trips... Why you like it so much
    4. Anticipate questions they'll ask you (Being Prepared is KEY!)
    5. Most importantly...Have fun!... Don't stress out over it...If you can make it sound like going through this interview is something you've wanted more than anything else in your entire life you'll be in good shape.
    "If we can dream it... We can do it."

    Spring 2010 CP Graduate and current CM!

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    Re: Interview Tips


    Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.

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