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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss College program question from a mom in the Cast Members forums; Hi I am new to the group! Huge disney fan and nw my son is doing the college program - so excited. We are going down later this month for ...
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    College program question from a mom

    I am new to the group! Huge disney fan and nw my son is doing the college program - so excited. We are going down later this month for him to start and I am staying a few days. Could anyone share with me what the first few days are like for him? Specifically when we he actually start in his position? He will be custdial and from what I have read he will get his assignment on the day he checks in but when will he start? I don't plan to hang around to stalk him, but I would like to snap a few pics of him on his first day but I will have to go home at some point!

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    Re: College program question from a mom

    Well, minniemomma, having had two daughters go through the program (one now working at Holloywood Stuidos) I guess you could say I'm sort of an expert. First off, as you should already know your son will be staying in an apartment complex with anywhere from 4 to 8 other kids in the same unit. So dorm life. The first few days are mostly orientation and training. He will learn the Disney look. Be sure he brings business clothes with him to wear! The first day he goes to get his apartment assignment. Many parents are there as well, but we decided to make a clean break and sent our girls to do this on their own. The first day or two there is quite a bit of down time; time best left for sonny to get oriented with room mates etc.

    A word or warning; party life is notorious in these apartments! All college students, all looking for a good time. I would strongly suggest that you discuss with your son the advantages on NOT getting involved in this. My daughters have seen many kids get "fired" from the program and sent home/blacklisted for alcohol use etc.

    Apartments are subjected to regular inspections. Any damage/mess (yes they do a "white glove check") and the occupants are fined.

    Your son should be prepared to get ready for work hours in advance. The shuttle buses are again notorious for being late/random in arrival, and it is easy to find yourself late to work because of them.

    I could go on, but the long and short of it is that your son will get out of the CP as much as he puts in. Both of my daughters worked thier butts off, took classes and put in 12 hour days. One is now permantly employed with DIsney, and one is setting up for a professional internship.

    Good luck and enjoy working for the mouse!

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    Re: College program question from a mom

    My son was in the program also. I went down with him a few days early, I needed to know where he was living. Upon arrival, we took a cab from the French Quarter, his luggage was place in a huge heap in front of the welcome building at Vista Way. He was sent one way, I was sent the other to the Parents Group. We were toured, spoken to, feed and ultimate left in the Parent area to socialize with other parents. I strongly suggest you arrive early so he gets in the first group out so he has the balance of the afternoon to set up his apartment, grocery shop, be with roomies, or go out and eat. After this day in Mid August, I never saw my son again until November when I came down for Thanksgiving. I was there for another day but he was being trained and really needed to bond with his new friends.

    Now my son had dormed for 2 years already in another state so he was accustomed to being away. He was at Vista Way, which is the oldest area and known for their partying ways. Not much different than any college campus. They can participate or not. My son knew how to be very careful in that social life as he did on his own college campus. The first several days they make examples out of partying groups. Many of these naive CP's have never lived away from Mom & Dad and are so blatant that they get kicked out. 24 CP's were gone before I ever left Florida.

    One of my sons best friends was custodial and enjoyed it very much. While they did work it wasn't as gruelling as some of the other assignments. My best friends daughter was assigned to Small World. She could have put her head through a wall by the time it was over. My son was given a plum assignment. He had 9-5 hours. He wasn't amused by his assignment at first but came to see how fortunate he was. So if he is disappointed at first encourage him to give it chance, so much happens that first week.

    My warning is the pay is very poor. They take rent out of their pay each weeks which does not leave much. The first two checks are either negative balance due to rent or around $20.00 depending on their pay scale. Make sure he has money for those first few weeks. Buy food before you leave. If he is going to participate in other discounted resort activities, you will need to slide him a few dollars each week, much like college. Roommate might not be his ultimate close friends, could be, or it could be the CP's he works with. My son became attached to a girl, very nice and he kept the girlfriend even after the program was over.

    What they get out of the program is often based on the job they are assigned, their supervisor and the people they work with. He was disappointed in the actual courses provided by Disney. Not as polished as he expected, but he was coming from a very good college. My son had the best of the best jobs and roomies and hopes to return when he just finishes college for one more tour of duty before real life.

    Any questions feel free to send me a private message on this sight. What ever you do, don't forget to buy him a real good, thick matress pad!

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    Re: College program question from a mom

    The first few days go like this:
    Day 1- check in. This is where you get the housing assignment (apartment complex and roomates. You can get anywhere from 1-7 roomates), get your housing ID, fill out paperwork, go over to Casting and get your general work location (some people have to wait until training to get the exact location), do background check/fingerprinting, and more paperwork. You also sign up for classes, if you are taking any. Later there is a housing meeting.

    Day 2- it either will be a free day, or the housing meeting for some people

    Day 3- Traditions. This is the class where you find out about the traditions of the WDW company, and you also get your work ID (aka ticket into the parks).

    Training will start around Day 4-6. It varies for everyone.
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