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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss Majors? CP & PI in the Cast Members forums;, I have a question about my major and how it will work with the CP and maybe with the Professional Internship. I HOPE that I can do the CP ...
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    Cool Majors? CP & PI, I have a question about my major and how it will work with the CP and maybe with the Professional Internship.

    I HOPE that I can do the CP and then be able to get a PI with WDW as well.

    Alright, so here's my dilemma.

    As of right now I'm an English major. But recently I've thought it over and couldn't quite see how my major would fit in with my goals of someday working for Disney. I can't change colleges...just don't have the I've been looking at my college's list of majors, seeing what I'm interested in and what could help me with a career with Disney.

    So I have an interest in switching to a communications major, there are about three or four different types at my college, still seeing what one fits what I wanna do though. I checked out the CP website and it had a section for students who are communications majors and how it could help start their career, yada yada. Went to the PI website to see it I could continue in that route...again, they had a section for Communication majors....but not much all.

    So two questions.
    1) If anyone is a communications major and either HAS or IS doing the CP right now, do you think it's helping you or will help you in your career?

    2) Anyone doing the PI or is planning on doing a PI and is a communications major...could you give me some information on what it's like or what your role is?

    T H A N K S !

    P.S. If anyone else has wants to add anything or just give some advice I would reaaalllyy apreciate it!

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    Re: Majors? CP & PI


    Honestly I think you really need to look at what career you would like to have within Disney. As an English major your choices are not exactly limited. Within a company like Disney a basic operational knowledge is vital but work experience hold quite a bit more water when looking at your career. If you come down here in a CP it is the perfect chance to try out a Line Of Business and gain the technical/operational knowledge vital to succeed. Once you are there we have so many different ways to branch off and apply any major. If you would like more advice or have quesitions feel free to email me.

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