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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss Undergrad program? in the Cast Members forums; Hello fellow WDW Geeks! I did some research on and noticed that they offer a summer internship to undergrads. However, the more I tried to look into it, the ...
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    Undergrad program?

    Hello fellow WDW Geeks!
    I did some research on and noticed that they offer a summer internship to undergrads. However, the more I tried to look into it, the more the website seemed to only talk about grad (or college, if you prefer) programs. This is probably a long shot, but has anyone on here done a summer internship for WDW while they're still in high school? If so (or if not), is there a clearer website where I could get more information on this? Any form of help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Undergrad program?

    Lets see if these terms help you understand the Disney Program sight a bit better.

    Your first college degree (minus an associates degree) that you are working to earn is your college Undergraduate Bachelors Degree.

    Upon receiving that college Undergraduate Bachelors degree you might opt to further your education and work on a Graduate Degree which maybe a masters, a PhD etc.

    To be in the college program at Disney you must have been enrolled in college for one semester and be 18 years old along with being a student in good standing and pass a background check. Disney does offer a programs also for students that are recent high school graduates but have not yet attended college. This job situation is much different than the the various college/graduate programs. My understanding the individuals in that job situation are more local residents.

    We too are from IL and my son did the college program, I highly recommend it if you are a responsible and dependable person. Get that first semester of college under your belt and apply early.

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    Re: Undergrad program?

    Ya ditto what Haunted Gabe said. Another way of looking at it is that "grad" means graduated from college (not from high school). So if you are a "grad student" it means that you have already graduated from University and are furthering your education.

    So, I went to school for 4 years and was an "undergrad" student. If I did my masters or PhD I would be a "grad" student.

    You should look into the college program though, I regret not doing it... and I think it takes some planning so its good that you're looking into it while still in high school.

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