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The Walt Disney World College Program (WDWCP) Discuss Yeaaa! I start in Jan. in the Cast Members forums; HEllo to all First of I wanted to ask a couple of questions about CP. So far everybody seems to love the program and cant get enough I personally cant ...
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    Yeaaa! I start in Jan.

    HEllo to all
    First of I wanted to ask a couple of questions about CP. So far everybody seems to love the program and cant get enough I personally cant wait. Anyways I got the Resort Hop position. I guess Im going to be doing a couple of different jobs through the 7 months of me beeing there Thats coool and all.

    So anybody ever have this position, and what they have to say about it. When they change your job do they change the hotel your working in . Just wondering

    Well hope to here someting

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    Welcome to the boards!!!
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    I wish I had done the Disney CP Program when I was in college. I wish you the best of luck and welcome to the boards!
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    Congrats, IceDinger!!! I think you are taking part in an incredible opportunity! Learn from it and enjoy!!!!
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    Congrats! I hope your experience is very rewarding. Sorry, I don't have any information on the program.
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    dude that's sweet! congratulations! i hope i can have the opportunity to do that when im in college.

    however, i do have some advice. drop Michigan and join the bucks! its for your own good!

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    Enjoy every moment of it!

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    CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the DWT Family from one Michigander to another! What an exciting chapter in your life you are about to begin! Have fun!

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    Congrats!!! Now I'm jealous! Welcome to the boards and have a great time at WDW.

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    Let me just say this. From the experiences I've had with the program (through my best friend and my girlfriend), let me say that you will probably become disillusioned with the job quickly. Everyone seems to realize that it's not what they imagined it.

    But don't let this frustrate you. Because eventually the magic returns and then they don't want to leave. I tell you this so that, just in case you start hating it, don't quit. You will come to love it once again. But what do I know about it? You may be one of the few that loves it from start to finish. I hope you do. Congratulations.
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    HOlla Michiganders

    So any michiganders doin the CP coming up for spring? If so let me know was should start networking, together we could be a force. hahahah.

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    Talking College program

    Hey ! .. I'm new to the forums and I'll be participating in the college program in january too! I'm interested in meeting people that are going next year ^_^
    You can send me an e-mail to

    I'll be glad to meet anyone ! ^__^

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