This afternoon I walked downtown for Celebration's Winter Sidewalk Sale and I noticed that there was a new bookstore near Sieto (the japenese place) and Kirkman's (ice cream and candy!). Now I am a big reader, so I decided to go inside.

The right wall right inside the door was filled with about 100 different Disney and Celebration books. There were plenty of Disney books I haven't seen before there or in awhile. However, as I'm looking through the books, front and center on one of the displays was Vol. II of Lou's book! The lady at the front desk saw me look at it and goes "Oh have you read it? It's one of my favorites."

So your getting closer to Disney World... after all, you are in the town that Disney built now! Featured among many great other Disney books. I did not have my camera, but if I'm in there again sometime I might be able to take a picture.


So if anyone is looking for a great source for Disney books, this is one of the places!