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    Audio guide to Main St USA review

    I delayed writing a review of Lou Mongello’s Audio Guide Walt Disney World to Main St USA. I wanted to listen to the Audio Guide, both on and off Main St USA first. Also, I’m not one for writing reviews. I try not to read reviews; I want to form my own opinion. Therefore, I take all reviews with a grain of salt, sometimes a BIG grain of salt. So folks, take this review with a grain of salt.
    Overall, I had enjoyed the Audio Guide. I listened the first time on my drive home from Walt Disney World (WDW). Since I live in Western NY, it was a very long depressing ride. My iPod got a lot of use, but after a while I needed something new. I put the Audio Guide into the CD player and was immediately transported back to WDW.
    It included all the details that I have come to expect from Lou. Main St USA has a lot of opportunity for detail and the Disney geek factor was way up. The guide included both the current and historic information without over doing it.
    My only drawback, when Lou described something, I had trouble figuring out where I was ‘standing’. No big deal, I don’t have a clear picture of Main St USA in my head. I just took Lou’s word and followed along.
    That all changed when I listened to the Audio Guide at WDW. The Audio Guide can be started before you get to Main St USA. Actually you really need to. There is a long introduction, 10 minutes or so, before you head under the train station into Town Square. I really like the information, but you need to understand that the Audio Guide includes more than just Main St USA if you are going to listen in WDW. I started listening while I rode the ferry and that worked out well.
    The Audio Guide seemed a little disjointed while walking in WDW. Let me say that I am not sure what could or should change. Main St USA is not a linear experience. I’m sure there is any number of ways that the Audio Guide could unfold.
    That said Lou begins by saying that he is going to over Town Square in a clock wise fashion starting at the train station. I was expecting that we would cover the entire square clockwise, but once we complete the Harmony Barber Shop, we hop over to the Exposition Hall which is in the opposite corner. Not a huge deal, but I ended up confused for a moment or two.
    Once we (Lou and I) completed Town Square, we head down Main Street. Nice discussion and flow, but the tough part is that we discuss one side of the street at a time. Each side started at Town Square and therefore you walk Main St USA twice. While I did not have a problem, it could be very crowded on Main St USA depending on the time of day and year.
    These criticisms are minor and the issues did little to deter my enjoyment of the Audio Guide as a whole. Lou Mongello’s Audio Guide to Walt Disney World Main St USA is definitely 8 out of 10. I will be bringing this guide to WDW again to spend more time on Main St USA. I definitely look forward to the next guide, Adventureland, in the series.
    BTW… Great cover art and logo… I wonder who did it. lol…

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    I really enjoyed the audio guide for the information and little tidbits. We've always raced through Main Street to get to Fantasyland and never really paid attention to what is there. I plan on listening again before we go again. My kids don't know we're going yet, so they kept asking "why are you listening to this?".

    My only suggestion would be to split the audio onto different tracks. The CD was ejected about 45 minutes into it and I had to continually press the fast foward button to get to where I stopped.

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    I love the audio guide, the only thing I would add is the music we have all come to love in his podcasts, the crowd sounds is the backround is a little distracting. Of course that's Looking forward to the next installment.
    It's kind of fun to do the impossible!

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    Audio Guide

    My family and I have now listened to Lou's guide to Main Street USA twice. It really sent us back to the Magic Kingdom and we very much enjoyed this trip. One question..does anyone know when we can look forward to the next installment to continue the tour?

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