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Lou I wasn't sure which thread in the book forum was the best for this question, I check a couple of the threads and didn't see this information. How many coppies did they print in the first printing? Are they doing a second printing. I rember you were ranked pretty high on amazon for a while there did you track that week by week do you know where you peaked or if you have yet? is there a thread whee all this has been covered?



Funny you should mention printings, etc., as I am very happy to announce that I've spoken with my publisher and they advise me that they are preparing for a second printing of the book most likely within the next few weeks!!

The first run was about 8000-8500 books in all, so it's encouraging to know that we're ready to do a second printing. A sincere thanks to all of you who purchased the book and told others about it. The word of mouth and the positive reviews on and Barnes & Noble are incredibly valuable and really help with sales.

To be honest, this web site was originally only going to be for the book, but I'm so happy I decided to undertake the project to expand and enhance it. In doing so, we've created a nice community here, and I consider many of you as friends.

I keep checking Amazon quite regularly, just to see where the book sits on their Sales Ranking. When the book first appeared on, it was around 2,800,000. Once it was availble for purchase, it moved up to about 1,400,000. It started jumping up quickly, and the highest I've personally seen it ranked it 76! I have to admit that was extremely exciting for me. (I think the Sales Rank goes The Bible at #1, Bill Clinton's book at #2, the Oprah book of the week at #3... a bunch more, and then me).

Again, I really want to thank all of you who purchased the book - whether it was from here, Amazon, your local bookstore, etc. You make all of the hard work and late nights (make that early mornings) worthwhile. I love getting feedback from readers who tell me how much they are enjoying the book. As much as I did it for the challenge of writing the book, it really was to share my love of WDW with other fans like you. Thanks again.