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Poll: How did you find Volume 2 of The WDW Trivia Book

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The Walt Disney World Trivia Books & Audio Guides to WDW Discuss WDW Trivia Volume 2 - How did you find it? in the forums; Well I think I answered the poll wrong. I knew about it because I am a member here, but have not yet purchased it. But now I know I can ...
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    Well I think I answered the poll wrong.
    I knew about it because I am a member here, but have not yet purchased it.

    But now I know I can purchase it at Borders because I saw it there this afternoon. I got really excited, it is so weird to think that a person I kind of know has a book that is sold in Borders!
    I often wondered Lou, do you ever get like a report of how many they sell there? I mean I know that I bought the first one from this website because I liked it here so much, but I wonder how its doing among the rest of the public. I hope they are selling alot of them! They are awesome books and you deserve it!

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    I don't know how many each individual store sells, but I get a report of how many were sold during the month etc. not including what I sell here.

    And to answer a question I received the other day via PM: If you are interested in writing a review on Amazon or B&N, you did NOT have to have bought the book on either of those web sites. Sorry for any confusion.
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    the back 9
    Its a great book

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    I have to order the new book. I have been so busy this past year with everything that I haven't had time to sit down and read anything....It is depressing.


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    Just thought I would tell you Lou... At the Local chapters (canadian version of borders) they accually cary your book! It was great for me to accually be able to have the book in my hands on the first day it came out and not have to wait for shipping! Great book by the way!!!!!
    Only downside is that it's not signed! (since I didn't order for DWT)
    I was just curious... How many books shipped in the first print? ( If you know)

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    Heard about it on here, ordered it from Amazon!

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    I found the book at Compass Books at Disneyland's Downtown Disney. (Check it out sometime if you're ever there - they have a dedicated Disney section that IMHO has better choices than World of Disney does...)
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    I jumped up and down when i saw it at Barnes and Noble.

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    I have purchased it from our local Borders.

    Great book Lou!

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    Too funny!

    I had asked Borders to pull a copy of a Disney Cruise Line guide book; when I went to pick it up - they handed me a copy of the WDW Trivia Volume 2 and said, "Our staff thought you might be interested in this book, too. Would you like to buy it?" Well, heck yes!!

    So, Lou - you might want to thank Borders for their suggestive selling of your book!
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    I first heard about volume 2 here in the forum. I bought the book at Barnes and Noble and love it
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    I just got an e-mail that mine is in the mail from!!!! I am getting excited to learn more about Disney!!!
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    I bought Vol 1 at the virgin store at DTD and as soon as I got home I joined DWT, I didn't realise that Lou sold signed copies so I ordered mine from Amazon, but I believe I may order a pair of signed books from Lou

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    I heard the news

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    Re: WDW Trivia Volume 2 - How did you find it?

    I heard about it here AND bought it here - it's even autographed, w00t!!
    As a side note, does anyone read the reviews on Amazon for these or any other Diz books? I'm asking as there are a couple that really crack me up, including the comments on the reviews, lol. There's even reference to Lou on the Tim Foster "Lost Journal" book!
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