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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Pictures of the Cinderella Suite in the News & Rumors forums; Originally Posted by Maestr034 I think they actully start giving away stays at the castle around Jan 20th. It's actually the 24th, from what I've heard. And that just happens ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestr034 View Post
    I think they actully start giving away stays at the castle around Jan 20th.

    It's actually the 24th, from what I've heard. And that just happens to be my birthday! What an amazing night that would be, to win the first night in the castle on my b-day. Too bad it's a Wednesday and I'll be at work all morning/afternoon when they give it out. Maybe I can convince the boyfriend to go with me over the weekend after

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    Oh i guess the question is what are they doing with the suite...well I, through a special process of selling my soul to Disney, bought the suite until December 31, 2099. So very sorry for all of you hopefuls that wanted to use it for you next vacation after the Year of a Million Dreams is over. After the celebration I am changing the suite ever so slightly to have a king bed and a maybe I will let you crash on the couch for a night.
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    Couch??? HECK I'LL TAKE THE FLOOR!!!!! but the couch would be really nice too!!!!
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    Great pics, and since I'll be there about the time it opens.... Stay tuned!!!
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    i like the toliet.
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    I just love the tub!!!! Wonder if the YOMD winner would mind if I just come in and take a bath next time I'm in MK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEDIPRINCESS View Post
    Does anyone know what they are going to do with this and the Mickey Penthouse out in CA when this celebration is over?
    I can't rememeber were I read this, but the rumor is that it will be used in their fairy tail weddings. with a special price tag.

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    Just and FYI if it had not already been posted. They have been using the castle suite for winners for about a week and a half or so. There have been some very lucky poeple!

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    Hiya Trendy!!

    Thanks for that great (but somehat depressing to those of us desperate to stay there) information!
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    These pictures are gorgeous, whoever gets to spend the night in there is certainly lucky!! I hope they aren't fake :/
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    That is amazing! I would love to be able to stay the night there.
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    Ohh! I want to stay in that suite so bad!!!!!!

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    Im rather disappointed.........I thought the room was going to be alot more in a gold and beige white suite.......the brown looks so dreary......other then that the room looks amazing
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    Sorry, i just need to say this

    Am I the only person that thinks:

    That when I first saw the bathroom, it looked like it was in an elevator?

    He won't win the MVP or be voted into the Hall of Fame........then again, some heroes don't play games.


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