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Swashbuckling Thrills and Royal Girls -- Now at the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort has always been a place where dreams come true. And starting this week, Guests have the chance to live out two of the most popular fantasies around. If you've always wanted be a jolly buccaneer or discover your inner royalty, Disney's Princess and Pirate Party is for you. From swashbuckling tutorials and dance parties to a spectacular parade and fireworks show, this is a special opportunity that's not quite like anything the Magic Kingdom Park has done before.

For just 13 nights through March, a ticket to the party (you'll need a special party ticket, which includes Park admission during party hours) buys you a magical experience. We talked to show director Tara Anderson while the event was in the final planning stages to learn what to expect -- and to get a few tips for getting the most out of the experience.

"Basically, Mickey and Minnie are hosting
a party that combines two of their favorite things -- swashbuckling adventure and royal romance," she says. "This is a party where we're letting our Guests to become the pirate or princess of their dreams. We have got areas set up all over the Park -- Pirate Coves and Princess Courts -- where they can meet their favorite Princesses or pirates. We have treasures throughout the Magic Kingdom that they can collect -- beads and chocolate coins and other chocolate treasures. We're giving them a little bag to put them in. We also have a brand-new fireworks show and a brand-new parade as part of this event."

Practically every area of the Park has something special to see and do: in Tomorrowland, you'll find break-dancing space pirates and an out-of-this-world DJ dance party. In Mickey's Toontown Fair, there's the Princess Pavilion -- the best bet for autograph seekers. Toontown is also the site of the Pirate Playground -- if you want to play Dunk the Pirate or Catapult the Treasure, you're in luck. Another Dance Party in Fantasyland will give Guests a chance to boogie down with Sebastian and Flounder, rarely encountered in person.

Adventureland hosts the Pirates of the Caribbean (of course!) and is also the site for Princess Jasmine's Court. That's where you'll find Princess Jasmine's Royal Guard Recruitment -- "it's an activity-type show where kids can come up and try some moves with their invisible scimitars, provided by Genie, to see if they have what it takes to protect the Princess," Tara explains.

Tara recommends staking out a spot on Main Street USA for the grand parade. And she warns us that it's not something you'll want to miss! "We have beautiful new music and costumes. It's called Disney's Enchanted Adventures Parade. The Enchanted Adventures Song is the main song -- it's all about stepping into a story and entering into an adventure. We have a Jolly Roger Flag Corps, with the kind of flag work you see in marching bands with color guards. That's something we haven't done before. We're taking the parade to a place we haven't been in the Magic Kingdom, so that's very exciting to me."

If you watched the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade, you got a little sample from this parade -- the pirate ship float. A crew of daring stunt buccaneers will bring this beautiful vessel to rollicking life. "We're going to have stunt pirates on there swinging from the mast and climbing the ratlines and sword-fighting and all kinds of stuff. It's very exciting! We're also going to have knights on horseback, and Jasmine and Ali riding horses. It's just going to be beautiful," Tara sighs.

As if that's not enough, the nights are capped off with a brand-new fireworks display. "Our fireworks show is going to be terrific. It's called Magic, Music, and Mayhem, and it's going to feature all the Princess themes and magical characters like the fairies, and also pirates (of course!) and Tinker Bell. Also, for the first time at the Magic Kingdom, Tinker Bell will appear in our parade."

She concludes "I think it's for everybody! Children will love it, but so will kids at heart. Pirates have such a wide appeal, and I think everybody (me included) likes to dress up now and then and feel pretty, and be treated like royalty. I just think there's going to be lots to do ... and you have a bag of booty when you're done!"

Disney's Princess and Pirate Party runs selected nights from now through March 8. The Party hours are from 7:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. -- plenty of time to dance, explore -- and dream.