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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss WDW Western Way Development Project in the News & Rumors forums; On The WDW Radio Show for March 11, 2007 and in a thread discussing an article posted on allears , there is talk about the new WDW development in the ...
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    WDW Western Way Development Project

    On The WDW Radio Show for March 11, 2007 and in a thread discussing an article posted on allears, there is talk about the new WDW development in the works for a value commercial district on the outskirts of AK's gateway.

    According to the information, the proposed development is going to be located on the edge of the resort where the 429 connects to Western Way, which is roughly in this area of the property, as far as I can tell on Google Maps.

    So what are your thoughts about these proposed plans?
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    This is a shrewd move on Disney's part - and a bit surprising given that they are literally swimming in cash right now.

    Disney will definitely benefit from it - if they can get the guests who are staying down the road at Holiday Inn or some other inexpensive hotel to stay at the same chain's inexpensive hotel that happens to sit on land Disney owns, Disney makes money. If that guest then finds it convenient to shop and dine at stores and restaurants that are also on Disney land, Disney makes money.

    Will the guests benefit? Maybe. Depends on what they get along with the cheaper rates. Disney transportation? EMH? Dining Plan?

    The Downtown Disney resorts on Hotel Plaza Blvd. were a similar plan, but their rates are closer to the Moderate resorts.
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    I've got mixed feelings on this one as well. I'm all for more affordable, on property hotels, but at what costs exactly? As Pat pointed out, if they are going to recieve all (or many anyway) of the same benefits of using EMHs and Disney transport busses, then I don't think the cost is going to be much lower. But if they end up not having said perks, then what is really the difference between staying on property and off? One or two fewer miles to drive in and out each morning and evening?

    My biggest concern, personally, is quality of stay. Disney hotels are famous for not only their theming but their quality of service. I've stayed at some pretty shady little "just outside Disney" hotels that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy (ok, but maybe JUST my worst enemy). I hope there is going to some sort of Disney-enforced standard that needs to be met. The last thing I want to see is bad reviews starting to pop up on or whatever else saying "I paid extra to stay at such-and-such a place because it was IN Disney, and it was no different, if not worse for the money, than what I have seen off property."

    If the hotels are of a moderate to high quality places, with friendly, qualified staff, AND manage to provide affordable alternatives to the standard Disney hotels... then I might actually like the idea. If it's just moving the local Roach Motel a little closer... then I hate it.
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    I can't say that it will or won't work until the details come out. If there is transportation to and from your resort to the location then it would be worth it supermarket wise if the costs stay within a normal range. If costs are raised because it is Disney then I can shop at the resort market and get by. If I can buy a case of water and other breakfast items and laundry detergent compared to what I buy at home and bring with me. But if it is just cheaper to rent a car and go off site when we visit by aunt and cousins, then I will continue doing that!
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    I dont really like the idea and I think exactly what the third choice says...

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    I never felt the pixie dust whenever I stayed at a Good Neighbor Hotel by DD. Although I think Disney can use more hotels/resorts, they should think about creating a Disney owned and operated facility. That would render more benefits: financially to WDW and satisfaction for guests, especially since that locale doesn't have the "nicest" motels currently...
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    The highway tuns right thru the place we stay ( Orange lake Resort ), as the 2 properties are right next ro each other.... the golf course on the map is OL.... since the highyway just recenty opened we took that route this visit to the parks every day... there is a lot of land back there... but it is SOOOOO close to AK... you can see the enclosures where the animals sleep from the road , I just don't know if they should do anything back there so close to that area. Hopefully if they do it wont upset the balance back there. If they are not disney owned, I am afraid they will not up to the standards that the parks uphold. I would rather see them add on to AK rather than just some 2nd rate hotels and stores

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    There was in article on this in the Tampa Tribune. It had sketches and stuff of what it would look like as well. I dont remember much from the article though. I wish I could find where I kept it...anyways. I think Disney should work harder to build their own affordable resort instead of letting 3rd party hotels on the property. Its kinda like what I read in the book Waking Walt. In the book they were going to use a portion of the property for commercial development. I just dont like the idea that much. I mean, I know there is the 3rd party things at DownTown Disney. But thats a bit more controlled than what this seams to be. And I think Disney should have put more effort into making their own extra value resorts like that of the Hilton, Holiday Inn, Best Wester, and such. But have the typical bit of Disney touch to make it feel different from the average. They are good at taking something and putting the Disney twist on it. And I am sure they could make the place look nice under a tight budget.

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