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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Disney ride hospital visits down in the News & Rumors forums; Big News Wednesday 5th January, 2005 State data shows hospital visits caused by a new ride at Florida's Walt Disney World dropped sharply in the second half of the ...
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    Disney ride hospital visits down

    Big News Wednesday 5th January, 2005

    State data shows hospital visits caused by a new ride at Florida's Walt Disney World dropped sharply in the second half of the ride's first year.

    In the first six months of the ride at Epcot Center -- Mission: Space -- six people were hospitalized for more than a day.

    In the following six months, ending in September there was only one, the Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday.

    Disney said it has not retooled the ride to make it less intense and speculates people are paying more attention to warning signs. More warnings have also been provided.

    The ride places people in a small capsule staring at a video screen. Abruptly, the capsule spins to provide the G-forces of a rocket launch and then the weightlessness of space.

    Most of those hospitalized were older men experiencing chest pains or nausea, the state ride safety data showed.
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    I have never been on MS in Epcot and after hearing some of the after effects from that ride, I'm a little scared. If you want to see me get sick, you better be in my bathroom. I can't even handle Cinderella's Golden Carrousel ride.

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    Don't worry too much because it's not as bad as it sounds. I can handle any rollercoaster ever made, but I'm a wimp when it comes to the spinning tea cups. However I've never had a problem with Mission Space, and I actually think it's one of my favorite rides in WDW.

    The people that I've seen that don't feel too well after the ride are usually the ones moving their head around during the ride. For some reason sloshing that ol'brain around always brings out the best in people.

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    I have very minor motion sickness and I was fine except for a very short portion of the MS ride. You don't really feel like you're spinning at all, but they are NOT KIDDING when they tell you not to close your eyes or turn your head. There's a part in the ride when they ask you to push buttons that are just *barely* below your range of vision and I looked down about an inch from the center of the screen and that was the worst moment of the ride for me. It doesn't help that I was the one pushing the thrusters, I'm sure.
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    Most people get sick because they just don't listen. It is a great ride and I enjoy it every time. As mentioend they do give you many, many warnings now.

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