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    Post Even Disney World is no match for nature’s charms

    Really cute (and true!) editorial from the London Free Press (Canada):
    Even Disney World is no match for nature’s charms

    I took a journey into the heart of pop culture recently and learned a valuable lesson along the way. No matter how powerfully creative our pop culture becomes (and at this moment in history it’s pretty **** sophisticated), it pales when compared to the appeal of a family of cute ducks.

    Let me explain.

    Full story here:
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    Great article.

    I remember the first time we discovered one spring about 6 or 7 years ago, there were a bunch of new baby ducklings with their moms swimming around the Rivers of America in Disneyland. We spent a good half hour just watching them avoiding the oncoming boats. I don't think that's the only thing I'll remember from that trip, but it was certainly one of the highlights. I recall reading recently in something like Mouseplanet or another site that this happens every spring and some of the annual passholders will come out to watch the new little ones.

    Then on the opposite coast at WDW while sitting on a bench at the Coronado where we were staying, I remember watching the cranes fly over the water. My most peaceful moment at WDW.
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    I guess everyone has a 'duck' moment...

    Ours was during our last trip. We were waiting at the MK for a bus to take us to WL for breakfast - a Mom and three starting-to-grow-up young ducks came over and decided to taste my Mom's crocs to see if they were edible! While the family didn't seem to mind us (three adults), anytime anyone under 3 1/2 feet tall would get near, they'd take off in the opposite direction as fast as they could waddle!
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    What a great story! I really enjoyed that.

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    This article is so sweet. Thanks for posting it because I really enjoyed reading it.

    I laugh too because everytime we go down to WDW, we inevitably come back with pictures of ducks, ducklings, and a bunny or two.

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    Haha how cute! He's a reallllllly good writer! Definatley got me intrigued with it
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    That's cute. There are a lot of ducks and bunnies! I always love just watching them. My mom and I joke that they're their own species, the "Disney Bunnies" or "Disney Ducks" They are always so cute and will let you get very close, but not too close. They are a great thing to watch. It will always put a smile on your face.
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    Thanks for posting! I loved the article.
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    My mom was fascinated by all the ducks on property on our last trip. We came back with dozens of pictures and at least 10 minutes of video of nothing but ducks!

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    Yes, everyone has a Duck moment

    These guys were right outside the Crystal Palace. I stopped to take their picture and soon had a crowd around me looking at these guys.

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    lol yep i to have a duck story from at least 20 yrs ago. my family and i were staying at the polynesian (when there was only a few hotels!) and we had ducks outside of our 1st floor room. we fed them popcorn and left over pizza! i gues the salt was too much because they then went to a puddle for a long drink. we still talk about that now.
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