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    Disneyquest Lives! reports

    Fans of DisneyQuest will be happy to know that for now, it seems like Disney is planning on keeping the attraction. A reader who mentioned into the giant cube building for the first time in about five years last week discovered it to be quite busy and noticed that they were still selling annual passes. As I said, our reader hasn’t been in awhile, but made some observations about some changes they did notice that I wasn’t aware of either. Anyone familiar with the older attractions will remember the Treasure of the Incas game on the first floor where guests would drive RC controlled jeeps through an underground (under the plexiglass floor) maze looking for treasure. That area and the maze have now been covered up with new flooring and several copies of a large new two-player shooting game have been replaced it. Elsewhere you can find a new Global VR UltraPin virtual pinball game, a unique concept where they fill a pinball cabinet with a custom sized LCD monitor server as the “table” portion of the game which can then be turned into virtual recreations of 12 classic Bally/Midway tables, completely rendered with original graphics and soundtracks. The lineup of games includes popular classics like Black Knight 2000, Pinbot and Funhouse.
    Now if Disney is thinking of keeping DisneyQuest for the future… I’d like to offer a few of my own suggestions. How about removing the Buzz Lightyear bumper cars and replacing the area with a Buzz Lightyear themed laser tag areas? You could add some turrets to the balcony area above for people to get in on the action without having to go into the maze itself too. I’ve also been dying to see the old Virtual World Tesla Pods systems (complete with Battletech and Red Planet software) dropped into DisneyQuest. These interactive game systems would be another great addition to DisneyQuest that could prove very popular over several years and draw in a crowd of ‘regulars’ who would be willing to compete in tournaments. Of course, I’m not sure if new pods are even produced anymore, but apparently the software side of things is still alive as well and I know I spent countless hours at the San Diego location back when it was still around. (Any old VW Pilots still around?)
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    I'm glad to hear that...I went a few weeks ago just after the Christmas rush and found a lot of the new stuff including a game called "Let's Go Jungle" that takes about 25 minutes to play all the way through. However, I also noticed that a lot of stuff was in bad need of repair and not in good working condition. Several of the CMs were not the "height of Disney mannerisms" so to speak. Maybe just the after Christmas doldrums, but I was a bit disappointed being a huge DisneyQuest fan.

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    I for one hope they keep DisneyQuest and perk it up a little. My youngest fell in love with it in 2006 and we have to make a visit on every trip now. He's still awaiting his growth to hit the height for cyberspace mountain.

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    I'm glad to hear they are keeping it. Hopefully it won't just be for a little while longer, but will be for a long time. I was upset when they closed the one in Chicago because it was only a couple of hours from me. Now at least I have some hope of going to the one in DTD before it closes someday too.


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