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    Hannah Montana 3-D Movie Review

    Here is my review of the Hannah Montana 3-D Movie I saw yesterday. I have the review available in my Disney newsletter this week. Feel free to head over to my site: to read the entire newsletter.

    Movie Review:
    Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus:
    Best of Both Worlds Concert Disney Digital 3D

    Here’s the question I had to ask myself…..$250 per ticket or $15 per ticket? That is the difference between Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus live or in 3-D at our local Movie theatre.

    I have two young daughters (10 & 8) and each wanted to take a friend, so we opted for the 3-D experience. Keep in mind that as a 36-year old father, I was skeptical of attending a small theatre with screaming and yelling young girls, dancing up and down the aisles. That wouldn’t be my first choice as a way of spending my Saturday afternoon, but I took a few aspirin to prepare myself, and off we went.

    I will admit that I do like Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus’ songs. It may be because my daughters listen to them 24/7 and I always hear them, or it could be because Miley actually does sing and has a good voice.
    As we went into the theatre (a half hour early) there were very few seats left. We were told it was sold out. I was fearful that I would be the only dad in the place. But as I looked around I would venture to guess that there were about 10 other dads there with their families as well.

    After some previews of upcoming movies, the concert was ready to begin. Let me say this, I have seen other 3-D shows, but this was amazing. They did not go overboard with cheap tricks and such, but they produced a very classy show which truly made you feel like you were in the front row.

    I wasn’t sure how it would be watching a concert in a movie theatre but let me tell you it was excellent. I was surprised as there really wasn’t a lot of screaming or dancing. One of the workers – a former student- told me the other shows had plenty of screaming and dancing, but our show was fairly calm. Sure there was sing-a-along going on but that was about it. It appeared that our group was much younger and more mesmerized with the 3-D experience than getting up to dance.

    The concert/movie was well put together as they would show a few songs, then cut to some backstage type footage of Miley or things that were being done to get ready for the upcoming tour. They also did a nice job of including the Jonas Brothers half way through the show as Hannah went backstage to change into Miley.
    If you would have told me three years ago that I would be going to see Hannah Montana in concert I would have told you that you were crazy. But I can honestly say that seeing how excited my daughters were, and how many families were there, and the high quality of the show, I can admit that there is nowhere else I would have rather spent my Saturday afternoon!
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    cool. i would see it because i love 3d movies but i do not like hannah montana.
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    Wish it would have been playing nearby for my nieces to go to. Although I have difficultly paying 15.00 for a MOVIE ticket about a concert.
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    I have to say I actually considered going to this. I also have to say that i actually declined a free ticket to the actual concert. What was I thinking? I really dont know.
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