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Is it better to use Morning or evening Extra Magic Hours (EMH)?

This question really depends on several factors. First off what type of family are you, a morning or evening family? The question would be are you traveling with children, solo, or as a couple? That leads to the next question, if you have children what are their ages?

Extra Magic Hours are a perk for those guests who stay at a Walt Disney World Resort. The morning EMH’s allow guests to enter a certain park one hour prior to park opening. This can be a great bonus for families who are morning people. If you are attending Walt Disney World during a peak season, utilizing EMH’s in the morning is a must. You can ride a few of the E-Ticket attractions right away with minimal wait time. If you wait to do some of these rides later in the day during a peak season, you may have to wait in upwards of 120+ minutes. We have found that morning EMH’s work best at Magic Kingdom if you have younger children, as it is the park that offers the most open attractions in that first hour.

Evening EMH’s allow guests to stay at a certain park an extra THREE HOURS past closing time. This is great if you are not a morning person, or your family has teenage kids. The advantage of evening vs. morning is that morning only offers guests one hour whereas evening offers guests three hours of extra time. We have seen the Magic Kingdom open until 5 AM one day with EMH’s this past Christmas Week. The one negative we have found with evening EMH’s is that it seems there are more people willing to stay up late, than get up early, thus the park is a bit more crowded with evening EMH’s than morning.

All-in-all, EMH’s whether morning or evening, are a must during any peak season. Any ride you can get to during this time, frees up more park time during the regular park hours to experience other rides and shows. If you are luck enough to attend Walt Disney World during a non-peak season, then EMH’s may not be needed. Look at the Park Hours and see which park offers EMH’s each day. Head to the parks early to enjoy your day, or sleep in and stay late.