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    Exclamation Toy Story Mania Preview Movie

    I got this from WDW News Today:

    Toy Story Mania Preview

    Here is [link to] a video previewing the upcoming Toy Story Mania attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, scheduled to open “summer” 2008:

    MSNBC - Ultimate Family Road Trip Front Page

    The video features the ride vehicles in motion and gives you a pretty good idea of how the spring action cannons operate. Rumors suggest soft-openings for the attraction should begin by April 2008, with an expected opening sometime near Memorial Day weekend.

    There are more WDW vids on the MSNBC site also.
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    Hmm... ok well I'm hoping to hit a soft opening when we go in May but I gotta say that much as I am excited about the concept of this one, after seeing that video I'm a little iffy on the shooters. Seems odd to have a string to pull. Seems like that's something that can easily wear down over time and eventually fray and break. Wonder why they went with that and not a "button".
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    I've gotta go with Jenn here. I'm excited for this, but I think it'd be easier with a button, too. I can totally see people coming off of this attraction with sore arms!

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    I think they have the string there so that way you know how hard you're throwing darts or balls, or whatever. Think pinball when you launch your ball, sometimes not pulling the knob all the way out would help you get more points. Although, I'm sure they could have a button and lever that is used to determine how far you throw instead of pulling a string repeatedly. I'm still iffy about this ride. The 3D sounds cool, but there's something better with having actual sets that you shoot at like Buzz, and for them to call Buzz 2D, I have to disagree with that. I'd say it's quite the opposite in that TSM is 2D with 3D glasses to give you the effect of depth, whereas Buzz you are in the scene, not viewing it.

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