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    Exclamation Liberty Square Bridge is Falling Down

    I got this from WDW News Today:

    As we reported a few weeks ago, the bridge that connects Liberty Square to Main Street U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom is in horrible shape. Because of this, the bridge will now have to be completely replaced and may seriously jeopardize the operation and means of operation of the many Magic Kingdom’s many parades at some point. To view the permit that was recently filed to rebuild/replace the bridge, go HERE. Be sure to stay tuned to WDW News Today for updates on parade operations as they become available.
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    It is something that has to be done. Still I hope that they can re-route the parades and such. That would be a bummer if they couldn't.

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    well from what i read somewhere else
    they have tried re routing the parade up main street and through fantasyland and mickeys toontown fair. their main goal was to make sure that the floats could get by without the trees by the teacups getting in the way, however they are supposedly going to house the floats in the garage behind mickeys toontown if that is whats gonna happen
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    They have been replacing parts of it over the last several months.

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    Walt would never had let this happen.
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    Many times in road construction it's much cheaper to build a new bridge than to refurb and existing one. I image the same would be true here.

    Bridges have a certain lifespan and have to be replaced. This bridge is 35 years old -- it's probably time to be replaced.
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    There comes a time when any structure will need major repairs or replacement... I just hope it isn't in Spetember/October!!

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    So is it currently shut down?

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    No it's not.
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    ah! holy cow, i hope it's fixed by the time i go in late april. I'm going with my chorus, and my group within the chorus is counting on me to make it extra magical, i hope there's no construction when we go, i hope it's either not fixed, or totally fixed.
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    There was nothing going on when I was there yesterday...
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    I've heard about this, and it sounds pretty bad. Hopefully Disney will take swift action to fix this problem, even if it means replacing the entire bridge.
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    I was wondering what all that was. They have brown coverings over the bottom of the bridge. I assumed they were working on it or something so it doesn't look like they are going to tear it down...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbo View Post
    I assumed they were working on it or something so it doesn't look like they are going to tear it down...?
    Gotta make sure it stays up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trickster View Post
    There comes a time when any structure will need major repairs or replacement... I just hope it isn't in Spetember/October!!
    Even the Castle?????
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