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    Easter Week...How crowded is it really?

    This is from my weekly blog on my website WDW Peak Seasons- Walt Disney World Peak Season vacation information. I would love to hear your experiences with Easter week if you have attended WDW during this time. If you have not signed up for our newsletter make sure you do, as there is one week left to enter our contest!

    Easter Week…How crowded is it really?

    To get straight to the point…It seems like everyone! Walt Disney World is a perfect destination for those of us who are from up North and need a warmer vacation to help recover from the long winter. Many people throughout the country can travel during this time because most schools offer a week or so of vacation time. With the kids out of school, and perfect weather, it marks the opportune time to head to Walt Disney World.

    There can be in the neighborhood of 250,000 people on the Walt Disney World property during Easter Week. We have seen the parks on certain days close to the public because they are at capacity. Since we are talking about Spring Break, Easter Sunday is the one day that Magic Kingdom will fill to capacity by about 11:00 AM. Unofficially, Magic Kingdom has a capacity of about 95,000 people. The resorts will be packed to capacity as well. Many times there will be zero rooms available on property if you wait until the last minute.

    A side note is that many times during Spring Break, the morning Extra Magic Hours for Magic Kingdom will be at 7:00 AM. Yes, I know that is incredibly early, and it is going tough to get the kids out of bed as well as leave the resort by 6:20 AM or so. If you get to bed early the night before and plan your Mickey wake-up call for the crack of dawn, you can literally get most things in Magic Kingdom done by noon and still have a relaxing afternoon. It is actually a pretty neat experience to see the sun rise while walking on Main Street U.S.A. Believe me. It is well worth it.

    How long are the wait times for the E-Ticket rides? The E-Ticket rides during Easter Week can have wait times of 120-240 minutes, depending on the ride and the time of day. This is why if you are traveling during Easter Week or any Peak Season, it is a must to get to the parks early and use FASTPASS.
    Restaurants have been booked for months and unless you were on the ball and made your Dining Reservations that far in advance you most likely will be eating at counter service restaurants for the majority of your meals.

    Finally the choice becomes is it really worth it to fight the crowds during this week? If you are lucky enough to have a choice of when you can vacation at Walt Disney World, then no you should avoid this week. But if you are like 250,000 others who can only go during this time, then dealing with the crowds sure beats staying at home and missing out on all the fun things a Disney vacation brings.
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    Our last day was the 12th and the MK was jammed packed. However, the other parks were crowded, but not as much earlier in the week of the 9th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiminy Cricket View Post
    Our last day was the 12th and the MK was jammed packed. However, the other parks were crowded, but not as much earlier in the week of the 9th.

    Spring Break and Easter are colliding this year so my guess is it is going to be worse. I'd avoid the MK on Easter Sunday, if it is anything like it was the year before last, we saw it from the monorail and kept on going to Epcot.
    That worked out just fine.

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