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    Disney Buses, good or bad?

    Here is my weekly blog. I would be curious as to your thoughts.

    It seems that this mode of transportation will have just as many success stories as it does negative ones.

    Disney has buses that will transport you from the parks to your resort and back. This is the main mode of transportation to get guests around the World. Check with your resort for up-to-date information. Buses traditionally run every twenty minutes or so thus providing guests with normally no longer than a half hour wait time at the most. Obviously if you are traveling during the peak seasons, the bus wait times may vary slightly. Buses will start their routes about an hour before each park opens and up to two hours after closing time. Again this varies from season to season. Buses also travel to Downtown Disney (DTD) and the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) near the Magic Kingdom. If there is no direct link between where you are and your destination, you can take a bus to either location, and then make a connecting bus route. For example, Disney does not run buses from one resort to another, so you would need to connect at Ticket and Transportation Center or Downtown Disney. Another option is to take a bus from your resort location to a nearby park, then take a bus from that park to another resort.

    With all this being said, the time of year you go may play a role in how frequently buses pick you up. If you are traveling at a non-peak time (February or September) there may not be as many buses on the routes as compared to a peak season like the summer or Christmas week. The problem with a peak season is that even if buses come more frequently, they will be more crowded. Many people think that if you stay at a deluxe resort the busing situation is better than at a Value resort. We have found that really it doesn’t matter where you stay. It is truly the luck of the draw. If you happen to be walking to your stop and a bus is there waiting for you every time, you lucked out. Another individual could go to the same stop that you do about 2 minutes after you are there and miss the bus every time and have to wait.

    What happens is that each person is getting s different view/experience of Disney’s Transportation. The bottom line is that most of the time a bus will arrive about every 20 minutes. We have seen times where our wait has been more than 40 minutes and we have also seen times when as soon as a bus leaves, another one arrives going to the SAME place as the one that just left. I believe that you just have to relax, be glad that you don’t have to mess with the traffic, and enjoy your trip.
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    The buses are a great service to have. When we were at WDW in May, the buses were fairly crowded, but you were not on there long enough to be very uncomfortable. We normally waited about 10 minutes at the most.

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    I like the bus system, especially if you get a good driver. I love when they can ask you trivia questions or talk about what's going on in the parks. Sometimes the wait is longer than others, but you dont have to worry about where you parked or driving a car around the grounds (or getting lost for that matter). We always use the buses when we go to Disney.

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    We just got and for the first time used Magical Express and did not rent a car at anytime during our visit. We stayed at Saratoga Springs and b4 leaving heard many horror stories due to the lack of buses on that particular resort. The bus service was great. We never waited more than 10 minutes on a bus at ANYTIME during our stay to go anywhere.
    The only exception to this was at MK after the 9pm fireworks and then waited 2 buses about 20 min.

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    We never use the busses because we drive and prefer to have control of our schedule of leaving and going a bit more. Plus with Aaron still using a stroller, a personal one at that, we prefer not to deal with the hassle. I am also not a fan of being packed in like sardines... especially with people who have been in the FL heat all day and didn't wear strong enough deodorant.
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    I love the Disney bus transport system. Even though we rent a car to drive down to Disney, we still use the bus to go to the parks. We always do the parks, never DTD or water parks or anything. The most we waited one time was 30 minutes after MK closed for the night. That was the longest wait ever for us.

    I always hated driving and parking.

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    We always combine bus travel with our hire car. My favourite tip is to drive to a park for opening (Epcot or Studios) and leave the car there. Get bus back to resort after lunch for swim/nap. Get bus back in evening. See Fantasmic / Illuminations and get in car to come home. Miss all the long lines and crowds. Easy.

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    I love being able to park and forget about it all. As mentioned, sometimes you get lucky with getting to the bus stop at the right time.

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    We use both our car and the buses depending on what our plans are.

    If we are going to be in a park all day and don't have to go elsewhere for ADR's, we take the bus. If we are going multiple places or have a set schedule, we take the car.

    It also depends on which park. I am notoriously careful with our vehicles and some of the theme park lots have spaces that are too close together (Studios). Since I'm not fond of door dings, we always take the bus/boat to that park.

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    We used both our car and the bus from our resort the last time we visited. Except for the night we came back from the Studios, we didn't have too much of a wait for the buses. Our car gave us more flexibility with our evening dining because we didn't have to figure out which bus went where.

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    We always use the transportation system at Disney from the BCV. We have had horrible bus service so far this trip. We have waited 45 minutes to get to the MK on Friday and we left 60 minutes early because we had dinner reservations and we had to run for it to make sure we made it and we waited 45 plus minutes on Saturday trying to get back to the BCV from Westside/Pleasure Island area. After that I gave up for a couple of days and we have stayed local to the Epcot area. We are about to try the bus system again tomorrow so I will stop back after the rest of the trip and comment some more. I can say we haven't had this poor for bus service for a couple of years and that seemed to be cleared up since the last time we had poor service. We watched 3 & 4 busses stop for all of the other stops except ours.
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    we actally got lucky. We went to DAK for the early magic hour(our son really wanted to go to the Boneyard again) and then wanted to meet our party at DHS around 930am. Apparently they reduce the number of buses picking people up from the parks that early. Fortunately, a CM spotted us and hailed us a van that they using for people in that predictament. He took us right to DHS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winnie View Post
    We always use the transportation system at Disney from the BCV. We have had horrible bus service so far this trip. We have waited 45 minutes to get to the MK on Friday and we left 60 minutes early because we had dinner reservations and we had to run for it to make sure we made it and we waited 45 plus minutes on Saturday trying to get back to the BCV from Westside/Pleasure Island area.
    Make sure you go to the official WDW website and go to the Contact Us link. Write Disney and tell them exactly what you said here. The only chance things will be fixed is if Disney knows about it.
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    My family loves the Disney busses. They're free (which is great), and they run pretty often (depending on the time of day in which you're trying to get one). Actually, one of the nicest side benefits for me of staying on property is that I don't have to drive for an entire week! Woo-hoo!

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    We were in the world this past week, and we've always used buses and they've been great, for the most part. We were a little frustrated at the lack of direct buses from MK to other parks. Having to go through the TTC for that is annoying, considering every other park has stops right along with the resort stops.

    We were planning on heading to the AP Preview of Toy Story Mania on Monday, but getting to and from the MK was just going to be too difficult with our trip. There's always next time to see TSM, but this was a disappointing part of our trip.

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