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    Exclamation Contemporary Tower Name Change

    I got this from WDW News Today:

    A Tower By Any Name…

    Looks like Disney may have changed the name of the new time-share tower the company is building next to its Contemporary Resort.

    “Bay Lake Tower” has replaced “Kingdom Tower” as the name of the project, at least in filings with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
    What’s more, earlier this month Disney filed paperwork to create a “Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Condominium Association,” presumably to manage the resort once it is sold off to individual owners. Disney had created a “Kingdom Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Condominium Association” in January.

    Disney still has not publicly announced its plans for the partially-built Contemporary addition, which now stands 14 stories and will be linked to the resort’s main A-frame building by a pedestrian bridge. A spokeswoman said the company had nothing to announce today, either. But Disney has indicated in documents submitted to the state that it intends to use the tower for Disney Vacation Club, the company’s Celebration-based time-share arm.
    The “Kingdom Tower” name was criticized by some Disney fans when it first surfaced in those documents. Some posters on Internet forums said it evoked religious overtones, noting that “Kingdom Hall” is a term for a place where Jehovah’s Witnesses worship.

    “I think a lot of people were drawing comparisons to Kingdom Hall,” said Tim Krasniewski, publisher of, a website devoted to Disney Vacation Club.

    Krasniewski said he was personally fond of “Kingdom Tower,” which most assumed referred to the Magic Kingdom theme park that sits next door to the Contemporary. But he said he likes “Bay Lake Tower” — which refers to one of the lakes that the Contemporary and its addition overlook — even better.
    “I think it’s a wonderful name,” he said. “I think everybody’s familiar with Bay Lake, with the fact that Bay Lake is right there. It has a Disney feel to it.”
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    We stayed there last week and I had a good look @ the building in progress. While passing the site on a water launch I asked the pilot when it would be complete. He looked directly at the building and the two massive tower cranes swinging materials in and said with a wry grin "I'm sorry sir, I don't see anything there, just a green fence". It was pretty funny.

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    I like this name a lot better. It has a lot more of that Disney feel to it than the first name. I'm excited to see it when it's completed!

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    The change makes sense because it is so close to MK you look right over it.
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    I think the Bay Lake is a better name, I kept relating the Kingdom tower to Animal Kingdom Now if they could only change the name of the restaurant over at Saratoga Springs called Atrist Pallet to something else because I think alot people confuse this with Artist Point over at Wilderness Lodge. I don't even get the name, Saratoga is known for horses and racing and tha spas so they should call it something related to that.
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    I thought that Kingdom Tower was cool, but Bay Lake Tower has that retro Disney feel to the name.

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