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    grad nite 2009

    So my friend and I were talking about grad nite next year and so I googled it and to my surprise it's no longer going to be held at MK! Instead it will be held at Hollywood Studios. I'll still go but I was just looking forward to going to MK.

    Disney Grad Nite 2009
    Beginning in 2009, Disney Grad Nite will take place at Disney's Hollywood Studios™. The class of 2009 will be the first to experience this all new event.

    Disney's Hollywood Studios™ is the perfect venue for this event created for graduating seniors. The theme park is great for live performances and features some the most popular rides for teens.

    The event team is creating a one-of-a-kind celebration for high school seniors where the grads will create magical memories for the first time at Disney Hollywood Studios™.

    Attraction Highlights:
    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™
    Brave the creepy facade of a once-glorious hotel for a jolt back in time. Board a phantom elevator, shoot up 13 stories and brace yourself for a thrilling plummet... but beware! The experience just got scarier. You rocket back up, only to plummet down yet again. You dare to ride once more, but wait! That's not what happened before. That's right, now the Tower is in control, so it's never the same fear twice!

    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith
    Aerosmith's having a backstage party across town and you're invited. Ready to brave the LA freeways? Zoom from 0-60 mph with the force of a supersonic F-14, take in high-speed loops and turns synchronized to a specially recorded Aerosmith soundtrack and zip through Tinseltown in the biggest, loudest limo you've ever seen.

    Star Tours - the ultimate Star Wars™ thrill ride
    Board an intergalactic simulator for a turbulent trip through outer space. With an absent-minded droid in the cockpit, you're in for warp-speed near-misses, collisions with comets and high-flying excitement - not to mention a wrong turn into a combat zone, right into the path of the Death Star. May the Force be with you!

    Toy Story Mania! (opening Summer 2008)
    Beginning this summer, you can step right up and compete in an interactive "Toy Story" adventure like no other. It's Toy Story Mania! — a brand-new attraction inspired by Disney•Pixar's "Toy Story" films.

    I know that they said that it's the perfect venue and blah blah blah but why after so long did they decide to change it? Gosh couldn't they wait till class of 2010 to change it?
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    Thumbs down

    Some things to consider:

    DHS has an earlier closing time than MK year round. It's easier to clear the park by the time Grad Nite starts, or it can start earlier.

    I believe there are more stages/locations for the bands to play at DHS than at MK.

    I don't think the noise will effect the resorts surrounding DHS as much as much as the MK resorts.

    Less attractions open, fewer CM's working, costs Disney less $$ to run than MK.

    Easier transportation from DHS parking lot to park entrance - trams rather than monorail & ferry boat - less cost & fewer CM's.

    I personally don't think the experience will be the same as it was in the MK. I went to Grad Nite '77 at the MK and it was very well done. DD, who is also graduating in 2009 said now she's glad they do Grad Bash at Universal. She had been upset about not getting to do Grad Nite before the announced change.

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    Does that mean that those are the only attractions that will be open? I hope it won't be too crowded. My son went to Grad Bash this year and he loved it. He liked the concerts and dance parties the best. So maybe they will have that at Grad Nite 2009. I remember Grade Nite way back when I went in 1982! I still have the brochure and my button, and the polaroid snap shot that they gave us, good times!

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    wdw4us is right. Our activities director called WDW and asked what the deal was with Grad Nite 2009. Their response was that DHS has a better venue for concerts and they have more rides that appeal to our age. I am personally disappointed that it will no longer be at MK, it being my favorite park and all, but actually...I hate to say it but, Disney probably won't be getting my high school for Grad Nite 2009. We're probably going to Grad Bash now.
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