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    Exclamation Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends Show Closing

    I got this from WDW News Today:

    Breaking news from the Orlando Sentinel:
    After a 10-year run, the live ‘Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends’ show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will close Sept. 27, Walt Disney World announced Thursday.
    No immediate replacement is planned for the amphitheater. The Pocahontas character will remain in the park, though three actors must audition for other shows.
    The remainder of the 28-member cast and crew will be reassigned, said spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez.
    With no replacement for this show coming soon, I think we can now begin to talk about the land being cleared behind Camp Minnie-Mickey. We can now let the rumors begin….
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    I have never seen this, so I am not going to miss it.
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    Well I guess we better make time to see it one last time in August then.

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    I have never seen it, but it was on my to do list when I went. So sad I wouln't be able to see it.
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    Massachusetts... not close enough to the world :(
    i better make this in aug too! we never really stop there because the theater is outside and hot in the summer but i cant wait to see what will be coming! very exciting!!
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    I'm quite happy about that because I didn't really like that show. About the only thing i didn't like in Disney. ooo let's start speculating what will replace it.

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    I don't think I'll lose sleep over this show's departure, but it is a bit of a disappointment that it's leaving, since I am a Pocahontas fan myself.

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    I have never seen it, but I hope DAK will continue to showcase North American wildlife and conservation in some way.

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    It's not my favourite show.... But for the sake of 15 minutes (or so) I think we'll have to see it just to film it and take some photos!

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    Ohio. so far from disneyworld!
    i think i might have seen it once or twice. not sure tho. seemed like a good show, wish i wuld have remembered it lol

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