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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Fast Pass Changes (with Pic) in the News & Rumors forums; The problem with Toy Story Mania's single rider line was this, it was in the same line as the fastpasser's entrance. It was confusing because me and my brother single ...
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    The problem with Toy Story Mania's single rider line was this, it was in the same line as the fastpasser's entrance. It was confusing because me and my brother single rode it the first time we did it and we spend a good 2/3 minutes to try to figure out the entrance. I am glad they got rid of it personally because it wasn't a ride that needs it as the entire family can do it unlike a Test Track, a Mission:Space(which I am not a fan of green mission for taking out the single rider line and that it also flat out ****s) or a Rock n Roller Coaster.

    As for the fastpasses, I've seen quite a bit of problems with the fastpass merge points where they will not allow as many stand-byers on. The old Rock n Roller Coaster queue(before the referb that gave us the single rider line), Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain and the Tower of Terror was always good with that for some reason while Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest and the newly referbished Rock n Roller Coaster queue are bad at it.
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    We love FastPass and use it how it supposed to be used. I remember, on our last trip, the dirty looks we would get from the people in the standby line on such rides as Splash and Thunder Mountains, Soarin', and Test Track. Hey, it's not like FP is a big secret...we've also waited in standby lines, and for the most part the wait time sign outside of the attraction was accurate. The CM's, in our experience, usually manage the lines well enough.
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    who is seriously stupid enough to copy fastpass tickets? its actually kinda genious, but it makes me angry that people would do it to disney.

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    Re: Fast Pass Changes (with Pic)

    Quote Originally Posted by doconeill View Post
    Ah...but the rules state that you cannot get in early with a FP. If for some reason your group has split times, you should wait until all have reached their return times.

    When we were there in September 2008, they never even asked us for our FastPasses. Maybe because the lines were not long at all. Even at Buzz Lightyear, the only long line of our trip, we tried to let the CM check it and they just sent us on through.
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