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    Stitch's Supersonic Celebration

    An interesting video of the building layout. Looks big.

    YouTube - Stitch's Supersonic Celebration Construction, Magic Kingdom 1/17/2009

    Here's the article
    22 November 2008: Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration coming in April 2009
    According to a Disney audition notice, the new Stitch show set to open in April 2009 in Tomorrowland is to be called 'Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration'.
    "Disney Auditions is seeking male vocalists and comedic actors for a brand new show in the Magic Kingdom® Park at the Walt Disney World® Resort near Orlando, FL opening in April, 2009! Stitch's SuperSonic Celebration will incorporate cutting edge technology, comedic improvisation, and dynamic choreography all set to energetic, stylized music that will make this party out of this world!"

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    I wonder if they will do something different with Stitch's Great Escape now that there will be a new Stitch attraction?

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    That is a big construction project for a year long celebration. Maybe once it's over they will make is something else.
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    When will it end!? I don't understand why Stitch is going to have two attractions in Tomorrowland now, 22.2% of Tomorrowland attractions will now feature Stitch, seems a bit excessive to me considering the current popularity of Stitch's Great Escape.

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    it's not going to be a new Stitch attraction. It is going to be a new stage show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by newdrama12 View Post
    it's not going to be a new Stitch attraction. It is going to be a new stage show!
    Well, I'd count a stage show as an attraction...

    attractions != rides

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    Hey now.....Although Stitch is not my favorite character he is at least Cute and Fluffy (for an alien) when he is not being mischevious!
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    why would the Stitch show only last a year

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    This sounds cool. I really love stitch but I think the Great Escape ride doesn't do him credit. Perhaps it will be a bit like stitch live like in DL Paris...

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    I can tell you that the area is very big for this, bigger than I expected at least. You get a great view of the construction going on when you come around that spot on the TTA. I was going to take video/photos of it but totally spaced and by the time we rode again it was night and the construction had stopped so there were no lights to allow for some video. That said, the TTA will pass directly over the space so that'll be neat.
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