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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Space Mountain in the News & Rumors forums; A little official teaser from it's self. This spring, Imagineers will perform a "space-lift" to return this classic attraction to its 'opening day' splendor. This has given us the ...
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    Space Mountain

    A little official teaser from it's self.

    This spring, Imagineers will perform a "space-lift" to return this classic attraction to its 'opening day' splendor. This has given us the opportunity to provide a one-of-a-kind chance for one lucky Passholder . . . a chance to own a piece of Space Mountain history!

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    Maybe you can win one of the rocket cars.

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    Think smaller. Remember, good things come in small packages.

    After being stuck on SM for 30 minutes today, I'm inclined to think the the refurb is definitely a good idea. Fortunately we were still in the loading area and I was already sitting in a vehicle. The CM said the exit ramp had stopped and the ride had to be stopped till it was working again.
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    I checked that website out and it seems like such a cool idea. The have to turn in the form in the Magic Kingdom. It doesn't look like they have way to submit the form online. Someone please prove me wrong!
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    That is interesting... and a little reassuring that maybe they are not going to ruin Space Mountain by changing it completely. I really do wonder what is going to be up for grabs though... no matter what it is, it would still be amazing.
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    I thought it said that it was for a Space Mountain original sign. I think you do have to enter the drawing in The Magic Kingdom.

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    i wish i was a passholder, then i would be able to read it...

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    haha o wow. thatd certainly be interesting

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    Talking Re: Space Mountain

    Space Mountain is My alltime favorite Attraction in all of Walt Disney World. I am so glad that Space Mountain is going into rehab this week. I hope to be back soon to see the rehabed Space Mountain. I hope someone will have pics of Space Mountain durring the Rehab.

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    Re: Space Mountain

    I feel bad for my good friends girlfriend who is heading to all the parks starting tomorrow! I let her know that Space Mountain was going to be closed after today, she was bummed out. Here's to a great refurbishment to one of the best rides in WDW!
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    Re: Space Mountain

    I bet they will award the winner an extreme home makeover with the old "RCA Home of Future Living" equipment and props.

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