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    Unhappy Landry's Restaurants in trouble

    this is part of an article from Yahoo! yesterday.

    15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009

    "Landry's Restaurants. (LNY; about 17,000 employees; stock down 66%). This restaurant chain, which operates Chart House, Rainforest Café, and other eateries, needs $400 million in new financing to finalize a buyout deal dating to last June. If lenders come through, the company should have enough cash to ride out the recession. But at least two banks have already balked, leading to downgrades of the company's debt and the prospect of a cash-flow crunch."

    At Disney it is Rainforest, T-Rex and Yak & Yeti

    $400 Million. Yikes! Wonder what the contracts with Disney say if these restaurants go belly up with their Mother Company. Disney tends to cover all their bases.
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    I'm not all that surprised since they tend to have costly operations. We ate at Rainforest Cafe 3x over the years and only had a good experience once. The problem was with the service. Never saw our server except to take our order and deliver the check. Noone around to correct and order after food was delivered and I kep having to go up to the bar for drink re-fills. After two experiences like that, we wouldn't go back. Why pay those prices to be treated that way? Maybe Disney will take over and do a better job.

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    WOW, after they put that money into the T-REX. That would be a big hit to downtown Diseny if that and Rain Forest closed down. Yak and Yeti in Animal Kingdom also.....

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    We really enjoyed Yak and Yeti. I would hate to see something happen to that restaurant. There are other Landry restaurants that I like better than Rainforest that I would hate to see go.

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    We like Yak & Yeti as well. Rainforest and T-Rex are less important to us. The loss of any those restaurants would be a loss to DTD and the parks involved.
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    Even if Landry's went under, I think that Disney would either buy out the restaurants or they would ask another firm to pick them up.

    Even so, Rainforest is not my favorite, and we have yet to visit the other restaurants.
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    I've been to RainForest at AK at least a half dozen times in the last year and half. With the exception of it raining outside and soaking wet and seating us under a huge vent, it was always awesome. (they moved us after we complained)The last time in January I joined the Safari Club. I hope it still open in March and October when we go again. I know the one in Galveston Texas has a very reduced menu and not doing very well after the hurricane.

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