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    D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    This is from the D23 website:

    Concept art rendered by Walt Disney Imagineering for the new One Man’s Dream attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, presented by D23.

    One Man’s Dream has long been a fan favorite at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Now, the beloved attraction, which pays homage to the life and vision of Walt Disney, now celebrates the fans who are equally important to the Disney legacy. Starting tomorrow, One Man’s Dream will be presented by D23 with new “D23 Welcomes You” signage on the marquee.
    “D23 is the ultimate Disney fan community and One Man’s Dream is the ultimate attraction tribute to Walt Disney in our parks so they fit together perfectly,” explains Eric Jacobson, senior vice president, Walt Disney Imagineering, whose team thought of partnering with D23 on the endeavor. “One Man’s Dream showcases the history of Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Company and gives our Guests a look at what is new around the world and a sneak peak at what’s coming. D23 has a similar mission for its members.”

    The partnership includes new D23 theming and a new display case featuring the room of a Disney fan (we won’t say whose!), adding to the robust collection of Disney history currently on display. “One Man’s Dream is a collection of artifacts, models, memorabilia and special effects,” adds Eric. “It appeals to the Disney fans because it can’t be seen anywhere else.”

    Many of those pieces came from the Walt Disney Archives, which is a big part of the D23 community. “So it’s only natural and fitting that the One Man’s Dream exhibit should be presented by D23,” notes Becky Cline, manager of the Walt Disney Archives and a D23 team member.
    Artifacts from the Archives, which have long been a part of the attraction, include Jimmie Dodd’s Mouseguitar from the 1955 Mickey Mouse Club, original props from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Walt Disney’s working office.

    The new D23 display case features items the Archives team pulled together — all pieces a real Disney fan might own. “There’s some fun stuff,” Becky says, including the Ultimate WALL·E, a “Treasures of the Archives” lithograph and the five-Mickey pin set which was very first Walt Disney Archives Collection item. “Plus, a lot of the books are favorites for us in the Archives like The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, The Disney Poster Book and of course from the Disney Archives, Disney A to Z by our very own Dave Smith!” Becky adds.
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    Re: D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    D23 sponsoring One Man's Dream is, IMO, a perfect match.
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    Re: D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    Aboslutely. Anything we can do to keep One Man's Dream open and thriving is a good move IMO

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    Re: D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    Very smart cross-promotion. I really enjoy One Man's Dream, but I can't see it having much staying power (when you've see it once, you've seen it).
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    Re: D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    Quote Originally Posted by WDWmemories View Post
    Very smart cross-promotion. I really enjoy One Man's Dream, but I can't see it having much staying power (when you've see it once, you've seen it).
    One Man's Dream is a great place to ride out a rain storm. We do it every time it rains while we are at Disney's Hollywood Studio
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    Re: D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    I love One Man's Dream, and now i'm pretty much sponsoring it!! Cool! haha...
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    Re: D23 Now Sponsoring One Man's Dream

    This is great news, I wish on my last two trips I wasn't so anxious to get on Toy Store and instead would have visited the attraction. It's been a few years and it would be refreshing to stop by and watch the video at the end.
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