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    Lightbulb Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    This is from the Orlando Sentinel and it is very interesting. Below is only part of the story click the link "Full Story" to read the rest of it and to see pics.

    “I have never seen a parade disintegrate before my eyes, but that’s what happened in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Thursday when I watched the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade nearly wash away. I got to the park just before 3 p.m. and my drive down had been sunny and pleasant. The parade stepped off on Main Street under fairly blue skies, but in an instant everything changed. A huge storm cloud blew over top of us so quickly that Mickey and Minnie got by me in Town Square without a drop, but by Pinocchio’s float — the next one — a heavy rain had started.

    Disney equips characters with clear plastic umbrellas and Snow White’s poor Prince struggled mightily to get one open for his princess. To her credit — as did all the performers — Snow White carried on smiling, singing and dancing. But things were getting worse quickly. The female dancers’ hair was already sticking to the sides of their faces. Thunder was starting to crackle. I assumed floats would stop coming out of the gate, but they all came out. Aladdin, umbrella-less, was sporting a very soggy turban. Mary Poppins, of course, has her own umbrella, and Bert was cheerful as ever. Alice and the Mad Hatter even had a little horseplay as she was too short to effectively hold an umbrella over his gigantic hat.”

    FULL STORY (With Pics)
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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    Nice. That actually looks like fun.
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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    Dang! That is crazy! I remember once when a storm sprang up suddenly, back during the run of SADCT. It had been a nice, sunny day. All of a sudden, as the parade was approaching the exit doors on Main Street, a storm came out of nowhere. And on this day, none of the characters had umbrellas. I had never seen anything like it.

    However, this looks even worse then that day. I have never seen pictures of the characters using the escape hatches (and that was really sweet of Belle staying with the Beast). But I have seen the tug come out before (especially in Frontierland, with the slight slope going up near Splash Mountain). All I can say is Kudos for all the performers (and the poor manager).
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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    Oh my gosh, that was pretty darn cute.
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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    It's great that they all stayed out there as long as they could, and it actually does look like fun!

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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    What a story! All I know is that there is so way that would happen in other parks outside of Disney-the cast members stuck to their places and did everything they were supposed to. Awesome

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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    i just realized i have never seen a parade in the rain. i believe thats my next mission

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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    I was recently led to believe that WDW has a 24/7 watch on the weather. Someone was asleep on the weather watch. What a soggy mess. Kudo's to the cast members who stuck it out as best they could.
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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    I was at WDW on Thursday and this storm came on like gangbusters. It went from sunny to buckets pouring down in a minutes. Some one seriously ticked off momma nature that day.

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    Re: Celebrate a Dream Come True Nearly Washed Away

    I bet this was a real sight to behold! What amazing professionals the CM's really are!
    But it brought my rainy Christmas Day memories back - no Christmas day parade and no chance to go back to see it! hmmmm, maybe this year! :-))

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