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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Deadly Monorail Crash in the News & Rumors forums; Just terrible news. Our Prayers are with the cast member's family. It's just so sad....
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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    Just terrible news. Our Prayers are with the cast member's family. It's just so sad.

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    Quote Originally Posted by lizardlynn92 View Post
    i dont know if this was posted yet or not but my mom was reading somewhere that the front cars of the monrails are designed to crush incase of a crash. The drivers are told before training that if there was to be a crash, they probably would die on impact and are given the opportunity to opt out of training. Anyway, the rest of the monorail (where passangers are) are made of steel and made to withstand a crash, unlike the front car (where the driver sits), which is made to crash and be crushed on impact, softening the blow. does anyone know if this is true??
    I don't know if it is quite true. I don't think it needs to meet FRA guidelines, but if passengers are permitted to ride in front I would expect that it has to meet some level of crash survivability.

    Quote Originally Posted by TromboneKing View Post
    We were at Disney in June and one evening, we were allowed to ride in the front car with the driver of the monorail. After this tragedy, do you think Disney will discontinue that practice?
    I expect that at least the immediate reaction once the Monorail starts up again is that guests will not be permitted for the foreseeable future.

    There are UNSUBSTANTIATED reports coming out that the driver who was killed was actually stationary in the station in Monorail Purple, when Monorail Pink was reversing into the station, with the anti-collision system off (which is done sometimes) after being told the station was clear.

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    So I've been stuck to the various news stations following this story. One of them (Local 6) had a former Monorail cast member who used to train new pilots. She said that there is a system where if the pilot where to pass out or otherwise become disabled, as soon as they let go of the control console the monorail will come to a complete stop. Also, she said that the pilots memorize the numbers of the pylons as well as the "feel" for the track. So if there was low visibility the pilot would still know where he or she was on the track at any given time. There have been a few incidents with the Monorails over the years, but NEVER anything like this. So as of right now, it's still a mystery as to the true cause of the accident.

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    This is basically the scenario my DS had shared from one of his buddy's down there. He equated it to nobody being in the air traffic control tower at an airport.

    My heart goes out to the family. Same age as my DS, I can't even imagine the pain they are in.
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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    Quote Originally Posted by HauntedGabe View Post
    He equated it to nobody being in the air traffic control tower at an airport.
    I almost felt better when it was a computer glitch. Does anyone else feel that it is going to be quite a while before an official report is released by Disney? That won't help his family get over this tragic accident.

    Has there been any mention about how the surviving driveris doing? The first reports up here in PA mentioned that he was taken to the hospital to be treated for severe emotional distress.

    This is just so sad from so many different view points. I hope all can eventually recover and move on.

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    The monorail is re-opening for service today, the OSHA having released the system back to WDW control.

    Looks like the incorrect track-switch position while reversing off the Epcot line with MAPO overriden theory was spot on. WDW have implemented additional verifications of these track switch positions and supplemented the safety procedures and protocols for these operations.

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    I'd be interested to know if they start to run today or wait?

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    I have been wondering, too, about the other driver. My heart goes out to him and how emotional he must be feeling. Let's not forget him and keep him in our prayers, too.
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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    The monorails did restart operations this morning
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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    What an incredibly tragic happening. Prayers and peace to the families of all involved especially the young mans family.

    There was a statement released by a family spokesperson yesterday that indicated he was living his dream and doing his dream job. While that is a very small comfort, they seemed to think that mattered a lot. Peace and prayers to all.
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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    Thank you for posting this link, it was very helpful and very informative.
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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    Somone I follow on twitter posts Disney-Related Haiku. If you'd like to follow him, his twitter home page is (mouseofzen) on Twitter. He wrote this Haikus as a remembrance of the Monorail Driver, whose first name is Austin:

    heaven's gate open/ monorail ride to austin/ on autopilot

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    I'm not trying to take away from the fact that someone died in this accident, but it was just that... an accident. Disney is not immune to accidents happening just because they're Disney. If you've ever seen the Modern Marvels show on WDW you'll know that on a standard operating day they run at 99.9% efficiency and on a bad day or week they run on 99.8%.
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    Exclamation Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    My heart and thoughts go out to everyone that was involved and the driver. {Including all of the people who worked the platform, guests, and other castmembers}

    I am confident that I will return to the monorails in October.

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    Re: Deadly Monorail Crash

    My thoughts and prayers are with the CM and his family, as well as all the CM's who lost a friend.

    I really hope the media does not instill fear in people, especially future guests who may not be as familiar with the system as we are. The systems are clearly safe given what few accidents and incidences they have had in the nearly 40 years they have been in operation. I don't think any of us will be getting a ride up front anytime soon though.
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