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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney in the News & Rumors forums; As if the Monorail hasn't had enough problems this year.,0,3701208.story...
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    Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney

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    Re: Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney

    I just hope they find the cause and get the ol' girl running again. Those monrails have sen quite a few miles over the years. Their unique transportation is somehting that makes the world special, even after all the years of riding them.

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    Re: Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney

    Does anyone think that the monorail system possibly needs some updating? It doesn't look like it, but they have had these trains for quite a number of years, so I guess it is possible they are in need of some new trains or something.
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    Re: Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney

    WDW just need to get some new monorail cars like the cool new ones in Disneyland.

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    Re: Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney

    monorail pilot in disneyland said florida is going to be getting the new MARK 8 design. When, i do not know.

    But if you noticed, Disneyland always has odd number versions of the MARK series as WDW always has even numbers. Right now WDW is currently running the MARK 6. Disneyland just recently upgraded to the MARK 7. Which are very nice by the way

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    Re: Engineers reviewing monorail after smoke, electrical shortage at Disney

    I think we may see the monorails go down for an extensive upgrade and check up (or maybe they'll do it during the night if possible?) very soon, followed by the introduction of the Mark 8 monorails. This would let disney check out a few things, and kind of give them a "good rep" saying yeah, we addressed the problem by the greatest standards we could think of, and you're safe now. As for the monorail design... I hope it's mostly like the ones we have now. The Mark 6 monorails are sleek enough to run through epcot, and charming enough to be seen outside the magic kingdom and each of the resorts. I don't think that Disneyland's new Mark 7 monorails would really fit in in WDW... but maybe that's just me.

    It's kind of sad how instead of being regaurded and praised for no deadly accidents for SO many years, the monorails are being bashed. Well, bad press wins out again...
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