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    It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    I have not seen it posted here yet, but according to WDW News Today, the audio track for the T.T.A. has been changed effective yesterday. Here are the changes.

    -A new male voice welcomes you aboard the “highway in the sky” (I thought that was the monorail), points out various sights, and helps describe attractions in Tomorrowland. He also refers to the ride as the “Peoplemover” at one point.
    -Stitch, Mickey, Buzz Lightyear, and Roz from Monsters Inc. also interrupt as guests pass their corresponding establishments.
    -A female voice comes over the speakers when the TTA vehicles enter Space Mountain. She actually mentions that the ride is currently not in service, she may be replaced with the normal narrator when Space Mountain returns in November.
    -Gone are famous lines such as “Mickey’s Star Traders will be glad to rocket-ship your package”, “Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow”, and ALL of the previous audio.

    Here's a link to the article Tomorrowland Transit Authority: Remix | WDW News Today
    I am really sad about this.
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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    I wonder if Tom Morrow ever answered his call...

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Lou,are you on this??? We need confirmation.

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    NOOOO!!! I love the old track!
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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Unfortunatly it is true. Confirmed by Tim Foster and Tomorrowland staff. We've been discussing it on Lou's facebook all day since i saw someone post it on twitter. Sorry I forgot to post it on here.

    Hopefully they will change some of it back however unlikely for the near future.

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Wow! I rode the TTA with friends on Thursday night at the end of MNSSHP. The Tom Morrow line was stated then, but we were talking so much that I don't recall what other things were or were not being played.
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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    NOOOO!!!! But I guess things have to evolve at some point.

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Not the best update we've witnessed.

    Adding character voices (or dolls in the case of It's A Small World here out west) just seems to require a little less imagination on the part of park guests.

    Oh well.
    BareFozzie in the box

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.


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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    I rode the TTA with my daughter on Thursday night too at the Halloween Party. She knows it is one of my favorites....sure gald we did!
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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Thats not good news :0(

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    JUST returned from our trip to WDW. I took a last-minute stroll through Tomorrowland late Friday afternoon while the rest of the family was napping after Typhoon Lagoon (I just had to hit the Carousel and TTA before leaving). I heard a bit of the new spiel as I passed under a TTA track and it immediately reminded me of the ORAC-1 "commuter computer" spiel that I had last heard in 1987 as a teenager. For me, it was like a time warp since it was 2007 before I returned to WDW to first hear the classic TTA spiel. I guess I'm not offended by the change as many others are. The tram conductor confirmed in his own spiel that this was the first day of the new TTA - I guess planned to coincide with the Buzz Lightyear ticker tape parade featuring Buzz Aldrin.

    If it's one thing I realized when I returned to WDW after a 20 year hiatus, it is that change is the only constant (SO much had changed in that time, particularly for me the changes in the character of EPCOT). I'll miss the mention of Tom Morrow, but hey - there remains a small tribute to the old Flight to the Moon/Mission to Mars ride in Mission Space (the short mission control monitor video of the bird breaching the security perimeter and crash-landing). Each small detail of the attractions embeds itself in our memories and, for the nostalgic in me, grows in significance when replaced.

    It's still a relaxing ride, and I'm really glad that this classic attraction exhibiting a WED technology (that really still should be utilized in the real world) still exists in Tomorrowland, whatever the spiel may be.

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Sad, but I guess that is the way of updates.

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    Re: It's Kinda of a Sad Day For The T.T.A.

    Heard the audio of the new spiel. Unfortunately it was still closed for my trip a few weeks ago. What's with the new "highway in the sky" reference? Will they be changing the monorail spiel soon too?
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