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I want to drive my monster truck through the Magic Kingdom. I'm gonna sue!

p.s. it has tires made by Nerf so if you're gonna say it isn't safe you're just plain old wrong!
Sure you boys need your toys.

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Wow! awesome videos. Thanks! I think segways are amazing. I know I would have liked one many times at Epcot by the end of the day!
Yep I would too, but it is that Karma thing ya I like those YouTubes,
makes ya have respect for them.

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If we're allowed monster trucks, then I surely must be allowed this as a mode of transport? Imagine driving that bad-boy into the meandering crowds on Main Street at closing time...
Speaking of dangerous ideas of Disney....

I remember these, think there were two, tootling around the World Showcase sidewalk.

(sorry derailed my own thread)