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Walt Disney World (WDW) News Discuss Space Mountain Tops Injuries in the News & Rumors forums; thank you... very true...!...
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    Re: Space Mountain Tops Injuries

    thank you... very true...!
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    Re: Space Mountain Tops Injuries

    I know that may sound harsh, but I deal with those kind of people every day in my line of work. You get cold to that kind of stupidity after a while.

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    Re: Space Mountain Tops Injuries

    Quote Originally Posted by dramaqueenk View Post
    i never get sick from rides, very sturdy stomach, but i do object to having my head thrown about between those stupid head bars. Once at DLP was quite enough for me!
    I remember when that used to be me... then I had my son. It's like everything I knew about my body changed. Now I find it really easy to get that icky feeling from rides. I can't do the orange queue for Mission Space at all anymore and Space Mountain actually made me a little dizzy in March. This coming from the girl who spent 2 weeks every summer at Cedar Point in Ohio (the rollercoaster capital of the world) and in between went to Darian Lake (later became a six flags) and rode the Viper (with 3 loops and a corkscrew) over and over and over. Ahhhh getting old is such fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by firemedic View Post
    Stupid guest: I have a history of motion sickness so I'm gonna get on this roller coaster so I can violently vomit and get dizzy and blame it on WDW!

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.
    I think most of these people are like my step-son. They know they have the condition but chose to ignore it. He had heart surgery last fall and then was ticked off when we told him he absolutely couldn't do Mission Space Orange in March.
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    Re: Space Mountain Tops Injuries

    The first incident listed for SM occurred back in May while I was at WDW. From what I heard, that person was unaware that she had any underlying medical issues before riding the ride.

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    Re: Space Mountain Tops Injuries

    Gotta know your own limits, people!! Everything isn't always someone else's fault. Take responsibility for yourselves, for cripes sakes!!

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