The little boy is now a year old.....

Disney's Animal Kingdom leaders, Animal Keepers and Cast will help celebrate Tufani the elephant's his first birthday on May 22 at the theme park.

Successful African elephant births, both in zoological institutions and in the wild, are rare. Of 13 African elephant births in North American institutions since 1983, only five survived. Tufani appears to be one of the success stories.

"Tufani has been healthy since the day he was born and is growing steadily," said Elephant Keeper Mary Ellen Sheets.

Tufani weighed 296 pounds at birth and now weighs 834 pounds. He has grown 16 inches in height, now standing 52 inches tall.

The elephant still nurses from his mother, but now eats more solid foods, such as grain, hay, grass and browse crops. He also receives apples, carrots and yams during learning sessions.

Tufani spends each day on the savannah of Kilimanjaro Safaris with his mother and five other female elephants.

"We're all wondering how Tufani will handle sharing the spotlight in the herd soon," Mary Ellen said. "Another mother is due to have her calf this July. We're confident that our herd will act like old pros when the new baby arrives, since they all have had a hand in raising Tufani."